Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starting over

I can actually post that we have finished moving! Yay! Wasn't sure that I would ever be able to say that at one point! If had my wits about me more while we were moving I would have taken some pics, but then again those might have been scary shots! The house we moved into was fine,this is a pic of the outside above, just needed a little cleaning, but packing up and moving our house was a MESS!!! We have some furniture, pictures, and some boxes of items left from the flea market still in storage and one bedroom has several boxes still to unpack or go through. These include knick knacks and office/personal business stuff. We have almost all of the house set up pretty much except for the room that Holly and Chris will use. My craft/art room is a big mess right now! I unpacked boxes so that we could reuse the boxes for other items. Because it was raining a lot of the time when we were free to move, we ended up using plastic storage boxes with lids. This way we could load up the back of our pickup with the boxes and still be able to move the little items when we couldn't move furniture. Anyway, I still have to get in there and play around with all my supplies and collections of fine junk to get the craft space in workable order. If I'm brave enough I'll take a shot of that so you can get a good laugh and maybe to motivate me to it to where I can take a nice "after" picture.

Ok, here are 3 shots of the mess that is my craft room right now. Want to get it to where it is functional, but inspiring. Several stacks of things in the floor still to sort. I lost a few storage pieces and a couple of closets and window seat that had storage, but have brought in the wardrobe as a substitute and have a couple of shelves that were formerly used somewhere else in the other house. Trying to create a sewing station in here as there was already a built-in ironing board. Also, want to do paper arts here and possible painting, but have put my jewelry-making elsewhere for now. I have a utility room with a sink and a good bit of room so I may move out there for painting or messy crafts. There is a deck right out the door of the craft room, so on pretty days I could go out there, too. We only have a carport now instead of a garage, but there is an old workshop where we have set up our tools. It needs some work, like a new roof and some new siding, but hopefully we will be able to get that done before too long. Want to try to make it look nicer to dress up the yard, maybe like a garden shed.

Kerry and I ended up moving the entire household of furniture and appliances entirely by ourselves. I was proud of us, at our age, being able to hold up. We never were sure what my schedule would be so it was hard to plan ahead and arrange for someone to help us, so we just kept on keeping on for about 3 weeks! That is not counting that we had moved the previously mentioned items that were put in the storage unit.

Kerry turned 50 on Feb. 5th. Emily and Holly wanted me to try to have a party for him in spite of the fact that I had not finished unpacking so they encouraged me to persevere. Emily came in Friday evening and with her help we did a marathon of sorting, unpacking, and cleaning, getting the house to the point where I felt comfortable enough to have some family and friends over.

The highlight of my weekend was getting to see my grandsons, of course! They are both growing so much! We only get to see them every couple of weeks, which makes all those subtle changes much more noticable than I'm sure they are for Emily and Craig.

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