Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yay, something artistic to post about!

My daughters scheduled us for a painting session at Sips and Strokes in Tuscaloosa this past Monday evening. This was our last chance at a Mother/Daughter get together before Holly left out Tuesday morning to fly back to Waco. We had a good time. Emily took a few shots of the occasion with her phone camera. First shot is us with our aprons during the class, then below some of me with each daughter, works in progress, one of both Emily and Holly together, and lastly our finished paintings. I tried to make a link to the painting we were supposed to be doing, but couldn't get that to work, so here is one the the calendar they have where the cross we did is shown toward the bottom for classes later on somewhere else.

The premise of the workshop is for the instructor to show the step by step instructions to the group for you to complete a simple painting during the 2 hour class, with wine available for purchase and sipping, thus the name of the business. There were over 70 women in attendance, many came in groups or families as we did, and fun was had by all. Maybe this will inspire me to get out those paint sets that I have bought and never opened! Emily reminds me though, that first, I must finish up the collage/paintings that I have started and promised for Thomas. I have only completed one of three, although the others have been started. Hopefully the New Year will see me more settled as far as my job situation goes and find me more organized as to my time utilization.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

One of Santa's little helper's wanted me to remember to post and wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season. Hope all of you are getting to enjoy time with those you love. We have already had our get together with the kids(minus Holly's husband, Chris, who was unable to come home due to work). Also had the one with Kerry's family, so it kind of feels like Christmas is already over here. We still have a lunch at my Mom's to look forward to tomorrow, but Emily, Craig, and Thomas won't be there for that one so they can spend time with Craig's family also.

This weather we are having is some of the nastiest and strange that I ever remember on Christmas. We are having hurricane-like winds that have been blowing all day. Hoping the power stays on as the lights were flickering earlier.

I've been fortunate enough to have been keeping Thomas since Sunday evening. We went to get him and he has stayed with us until today, so that Holly could spend some time with him while she is home visiting us. She will leave to go back to Texas on Tuesday. It has been wonderful seeing her, too. They moved to Waco this past May and the only time we've seen her is when she came home for Thomas' birth.

We exchanged gifts last evening and it is really touching to see how my daughters are so thoughtful in their giving. I will have to take pics of some of the gifts so you can see. Kerry also came up with a thoughtful gift which was a pendant that is to commemorate Thomas's birth as it has the birthstones of Kerry, Thomas, and Emily.

Again, I wish each of you a blessed Christmas filled with love, hope, and peace.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New record for no posting!

Can not believe it has been a month! Life just seems so busy right now. The new job has been pretty stressful. Learning a new set of job skills after 28 plus years of doing the same type job has taken a lot out of me. I'm still not used to only having 2 days a week off. I know that is what most of the working world is used to, but for over a year I've worked 7 on/7 off and then for some years before that worked 4 ten hour shifts. So I've become accustomed to having extra off days to take care of things. Having only 1 real off day is throwing me. I'm off on Sundays and Mondays, but Sunday's are usually pretty busy, leaving only Monday. I am going to have to learn to manage my time better, especially my evening hours after I get home. Two hours of travel time add to time away from home every work day, but I know I can do better than I do with time management. I also believe that once the stress of learning and implementing the new job skills eases that things will be easier to handle. I'm going to post this update without a pic for now since it's been so long without a word from me here. Not much going on artistically, but I do have cute baby pics that I could show.

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