Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone!  I'm so bad about posting I thought I would get this post in early and I'm cheating by using pics from last Easter's decorations.  None out this year.  Busy with the "this and that" of life in general.  In addition, we are participating in an Easter musical drama at church  and so have some extra practices this last 2 weeks before the performance.  My friend, Jeanie, has a wonderful post of her Easter decorations replete with bunnies and a gorgeous chandelier egg wreath.  So it inspired me, not to get my decorations out, but to just take the easy route and show what I did with some of my bunnies last year.

Shown above are some the Capidomonte rose candleholders I have and a sweet lamb planter that once belonged to my Granny Parker(my Dad's Mom).  I had put this out in memory of them, but also to be symbolic of Easter's true meaning by placing the cross inside the lamb. I think I posted these photos last year, so please forgive my cheating!

For our Easter drama, the choir has to wear a Biblical costume as we are the "crowd".  I had one(made about 20 years ago) but Kerry didn't, ssoooo, this had led me to get the sewing machine that I bought about 2 years past, brush the cobwebs off it(literally, lol), and get past my fear of the scary sewing machine monster. I learned how to sew many, many moons ago from my Mom, but she was not totally patient, shall we say, so I only learned the basics.  The experience left me with a lack of confidence in that area  that grew over the years in my mind.  Mom gave me her old electric sewing machine about 20 years ago and I managed to thread it and sew a few things, including the costume I'm wearing, but it messed up so much that I again got discouraged.   That machine ended up being thrown away as it wasn't worth fixing and that was the last time I sewed anything except by hand until yesterday.  Made myself get the manual for the machine  and follow the directions for threading the bobbin and the sewing machine itself step-by-step.  After I got started some of what I learned before came back. I've gotten Kerry's costume sewn together, although some is poorly done. It  was just basically a large rectangle with a slit cut for his head that I hemmed the edges of and sewed the sides together. My hope is not to get good enough to make garments, but to be able to use the sewing machine in my artistic endeavors, like with art quilts or the like. 

I'll leave you with a shot of my favorite little man, as he was one morning last week, bad hair and all!

Postscript: In my busy-ness and my not posting, I've forgotten all about the feature I have available to me that enables me to see the number of visitors to my blog.  Went there today and saw that people are actually checking in, so my sincere apologies for not updating more.  I'll try to be more faithful about putting something here for you to read.  Not that I'm arrogant to think that what I post here is that great or anything, I just hate to think someone takes the time to drop by and I've offered nothing.


Beth said...

Hi Jill,

I guess my filters here at school are blocking pictures now. I can see all of them on Rosemary's blog but none on yours, a couple on Jeanies, and a few on another friends blog. I will have to check these all out when I get home.
I have your cuff bracelet sewed together but not decorated yet. I have had a big block about it. But I am slowly figuring out what I want to do.
Did you ever find your debit card? I have worried about that ever since you posted on FB.
I only have 4 days this week. Get good friday off.
Wanted to come to Hartselle to see brother but Dan has to work and Mom still not feeling well so I guess I will hang here.
Hope your enjoying your Monday off work.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Jill -- First time I checked your pix they weren't working, but now they look great and I love your decorations -- since I didn't see them last year, they're new to me! Take care!

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