Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely swap goodies received!

I was so thrilled when I opened the package waiting on me when I got home Friday! I've mentioned before that my friend, Beth, and I had agreed to do a fabric cuff swap.  I've finished my cuff for Beth but have some other things I'm wanting to make for her and don't have them ready yet.  Anyway, the cuff Beth made for me is SSOOOooo beautiful!!!! I love everything about it, the colors, antique buttons, sweet little pearls and lace trims, and especially the bird charm which is the centerpiece.  Beth included a note to explain that the base of the cuff is an old quilt top and the bird charm is from a bracelet which she took apart.  She also made a gorgeous necklace from another charm with hand-wrapped paper beads, pink and white pearls, accented with clear glass rose beads to match the fabric cuff.  Again I totally love the colors and how she tied the rose theme together in both pieces.  I love birds and flowers so this was just a perfect choice. I told her I will have to hide these when my daughters are home to prevent them from taking off with them!  On top of these lovelies, her note card itself is a piece of art.  Beth is very talented at Zentangles, which is new to me, but I believe is like art doodles taken to the extreme of coolness as you can see in the pic of the card.  My plans are to mount this to hang as a colorful work of art.  Isn't she so talented!?!  Also she added some "fun stuff" in the package consisting of some of the antique buttons like on the bracelet, painted dominoes to alter, quilt heart, and some other little goodies.  She is such a sweet, generous friend! I will be hard-pressed to equal her wonderful present to me.  These will be treasured! Thanks so much, Bethie!  Please be patient with me!

Necklace and fabric cuff

Closeup of necklace

Lovely Zentangle card

Extra goodies


Beth said...

Oh, Jilly,,so glad you loved your swap package. It only took me forever to make it all for you,,lol. I even forgot to take pics of it so I am glad you posted these. I added a link to your blog from mine. I finally figured out how to make my blog work again.
Take your time on my swap stuff, you know I will be so excited to see your wonderful art when it arrives.
I hope you have a great Monday off of work today!

V said...

Hey Jill, I am Emily's friend from work. I love your prizes! I also think Emily is going to love them and want them too!!

Jeanie said...

Totally gorgeous! What a treat!

Holly said...

These are such beautiful items! :) I know you are enjoying them! I have to say I enjoyed wearing the beautiful necklace to church the other day. This is one of the joys of being home...I get to wear your jewelry! I promise I won't take it back to Texas with me ;)

Lovey you!

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