Monday, July 19, 2010

Pitiful blogger=ME

Didn't seem like it had been a month since I posted last, but I see it has. I am so really not sure where time goes when it flies by. You would think that 2 old empty-nesters would have so much time on their hands they wouldn't know what to do with it, but evidently that is not how it works. We seem to be on the go too much and with not much to show for it. I mean it is not travelling to interesting places or doing wonderful things, just life stuff.

As far as life goes, we have much to be thankful for right now. Among many other blessings, Mom is doing pretty well right now and our daughters are, too, for the most part. Holly's Chris is looking for a job at present,  but he has several prospects so we are hopeful it that regard.  Also little Thomas will be one year old next month! Hard to believe! I'm including new shots of him for you to look at since I don't have anything else photographed to show yet that I've been working on.

In the artistic department, I have actually gotten some things done, but don't have them ready to show yet.  I am STILL working on my stuff to send to my friend, Beth, for our fabric cuff swap. I've had the cuff done for several months, but am making myself finish the extra goodies before I send it to her. I know myself and if I don't get it all done, I'll procrastinate on the extra and never get it to her. Sad story, but I recognize the way I am. I already owed her in my mind  from a previous swap many months ago!  I am pathetic and that is a fact.  BUT, I have made great progress on the surprise and hope to have it done before much longer. Also, I finally put the finishing touches on Thomas' 2nd of 3 collage pictures.  Also, sad because these were supposed to be done when he was born.  I will be starting on the last alligator one, maybe to get it completed for his 1st birthday.  See further evidence of my professional ability to procrastinate!! I have also done some journal pages.  What I am doing on those is washes of watercolor paint on torn-out book pages and also just playing some with color blobs and such.  These are for future journalling fodder and to use on Bethie's gift.

Speaking of the paint, let me take a moment to warn you of the dangers of leaving watercolor paint out.  I had bought some assorted tubes of watercolor at a yard sale in a plastic bin.  Granted these are the regular METAL tubes that paints come in.  I had done this painting last Thursday evening while watching a movie. I didn't clean everything up because it got to be time for bed.  Planned to do it later. Silly me left the plastic bin sitting on the end of the couch.  You can probably see where this is going.  Kerry calls me at work to tell me that Maggie got into the paint tubes while we were both gone.  He gets home earlier than I do.  I was expecting much worse, but she only got it on a throw on the couch and herself amazingly enough! She has a red spot right in the middle of her throat and some blue and green on her feet.  It would probably wash off, but I've not felt up to giving her a bath. Never dreamed of her wanting to chew on metal, but there you go!  She constantly surprises me!  She makes me laugh, too, so much is forgiven.

This past Friday I contracted a really bad stomach bug or food poisoning. Anyway, was really sick.  Couldn't work Saturday. Actually couldn't even stand up. Sunday I felt well enough to sit up so I got some rubber stamps and stamp pads and played with them on some of the painted pages, using some stamps  that have never had ink on them.  Had a little fun.  I'm trying to get my artistic mojo going again.  Recently have finally had a little extra time here and there, but just had the blahs as far as art goes. Hopefully it's coming back as bits and pieces of progress are being made.  Of course, this is always at the expense of housework, but then something has to give!

I leave you with picture of this sweet face with these long eyelashes.


Jeanie said...

Good to read your update and hear your projects -- you do sound busy! The paint story cracks me up! Glad it was watercolor, nothing worse! Still -- it's quite a vision!

Loved the pictures of THomas. He's grown a lot since I last saw pix!

Holly said...

You are doing much better than I am on your has been almost 9 months for! I cannot wait to see all of your finished art! Glad you are feeling better as well. Love you and miss you very much!


Beth said...

Hi Jilly,

Now you just stop worrying about that bracelet and goodies,,I know how busy you are. It's amazing that I have actually not got much of any thing done this summer. I thought once I was off work I would just really scratch off alot of things on my "must do or must finish" list. Notta! Oh well,,I have been doing some Art,,more zendoodles and some collaging.
I started a new blog as blogspot was giving me a tough time. But stop by my old block for a link to the new one.
Glad you got over that terrible bug. And so hard to believe that Thomas is going to be a year old next month. He is so precious!

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