Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping trip is on!

Was tentatively planning on it starting tomorrow through Monday, but I had forgotten Kerry's Dad's knee surgery is on Monday. So, we are pulling out with the camper today, so that I can get some time away to rest, relax, and reflect. This is the first time we will have camped this year, besides the trip earlier to the races in Bristol, TN. Poor hubby won't get to stay all the time as he has jobs that have to be done here on the farm but he hopes to be up there the evenings and most of the weekend. We'll be coming back on Sunday.

I just got off from my work week, so I'm busily working on getting the camper packed up when I thought I might better post on here in case I don't get time to find some internet. I'm taking my computer, thinking that I might go catch a Wi-Fi connection somewhere or perhaps the park might have it by now. If not, I'll be back online come Sunday evening to respond to any messages.

I'm packing up some art supplies, books, movies, & magazines. I always take too much STUFF, but a girl needs to have options! I may not go anywhere but where we are camping I also could visit some shops or thrift stores if the mood strikes me. The doggies are going, of course, so I'll have company when Kerry is not there.

Still not received my shipment from Amazon with the book. I'm impatiently waiting! Wish it would get here before we leave. I'll be posting pics of my project when I get back.


Holly said...

So glad yall are getting to go! Hope you have a fun time of rest, relaxation, and you time!

Love you,

Beth said...

I sure hope you had a wonderful, relaxing trip. Did you go to PM?
It was a beautiful week-end to be camping thats for sure. I hope you get your book soon. I also hope you got to do some art while you were there.

Jeanie said...

Glad you are getting away -- at least I hope the trip is still on. You need to regroup your thoughts right now.

Can't wait till I hear how you like your book! I was impressed.

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