Friday, February 4, 2011

Promised snow pictures

These are the promised snow pics from my last post and were taken of the snow that we got around the 10th. Above is Max enjoying and posing in the snow behind the house. He loved it surprisingly and ran around having a good time.

On the other hand, we took Thomas out the morning after most of the snow fell and he was not too thrilled as you can see. Granted there was a very cold wind blowing that had some snow still in it. You can tell by looking at my face above that the wind was miserable. Grampy was even willing to go outside with the grandbaby, but we only stayed out a few minutes. We put Thomas down on the ground to see what he would do and he just held his little hand back up to Grampy, like "get me outta here"!

The shot below of our back deck steps illustrates how much we got. We think maybe 6 inches or so. This is a lot for our area. It hung around for a week in some places and that is also not very common in Alabama.

The pictures below were taken at the end of the week outside my workplace. You can see that there was still a good bit of snow left on the ground. Where they plowed the snow off the parking lot into huge mounds lasted on almost another week. I know this is laughable to those of you who live where it snows all winter, but this is remarkable to those of us in the Deep South.

We have had even more episodes of snow and ice since this, including an unpredicted one yesterday afternoon. It started about 2-3pm, catching people at work and school or trying to get home from those places. Ice and snow in various mixtures fell with freezing temperatures keeping it from melting on the roads. I work an hour from home and left there about 4:30, trying to get on the road before it got too bad. In an unusual twist, this system came up from the south, so that although nothing had happened where I worked, I was driving south into the icy conditions. By the time we got about 20 miles southward, conditions rapidly worsened and we ended up creeping along the interstate in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Thankfully, we only stood completely still a few times and were able to get home safely. What is normally an hour commute or less took 3 hours. Other coworkers who left later than us were not as "lucky". By the time they made it 3 miles from our exit, so many cars and trucks had stopped for one reason or another that traffic was not moving at all and those last 3 miles took them two and half hours, making their commute be about 5 hours!

There is even another winter weather event being talked about for next week. I do so hope that this doesn't come to pass. I love winter weather and if I worked at home or in a job where I didn't have to go in or stay due to bad road conditons, I would be happy about it.

So a post about the weather and grandbabies! Lol, I have done almost nothing artistic recently. There is jewelry stuff sitting on my table that has been here a month. Holly and I got it out to make her jewelry and I thought if I left it here, I would be more inclined to do something with it. In my defense, I was sick for a week or two, watched Thomas that next weekend, and have had to work late several times. Also, we had a really bad week last week with the chicken houses. My off days last week were spent working out there. This week I was at my Mom's on my Monday off helping her.

I am starting to feel some return of motivation though. Wanting to get back into my journals, try some new things in them. Lots of ideas bubbling in the leaky cauldron that is my brain. I must find a way to get my artistic self back into some kind of groove, even if it is just a snippet here and there!


Holly said...

Y'all have had some of the weirdest weather this year as we have in Texas too! You are right. The Deep South is not used to weather like this! I hope you do not have to relive that driving experience again. I know it must have been very stressful. I love you, and I am thankful you made it home safely! I am so excited I get to see you soon!

Hope you have a wonderful upcoming week! Love you!


Jeanie said...

You have all really been pummeled with the snow -- far worse than we have in the north. Interesting. It's kind of funny, Thomas' reaction -- but then, I can completely understand it!

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