Friday, March 18, 2011

Good intentions, you know the story

Well, you make promises to try to do better about blogging and next thing you know, things go wrong. I won't even get any deeper into this since I shouldn't really talk about some of the things going on in such a forum, but suffice it to say that life can be very challenging sometimes. The trick is finding the place where you can be "in your head" to be able to continue on with your day to day life, which as they say does go on. I'm trying to focus on the good, hope for the best, but make some contingency plans all the same.

I did finally make a little bit of jewelry, very simple pieces, which are pictured here. Have some other jewelry ideas in my head waiting for time and energy to coincide. Maybe I should not make any plans, but just sneak up on some projects here and there, as I've still not gotten around to journaling, drawing, and painting like I had planned.

Both of these recent projects are actually remakes of old jewelry. The multi-strand necklace is just old chains of different colors reassembled. The earrings were gaudy eighties items that had this strange orange glitter rock-looking plastic centers. I removed this tackiness and punched some dictionary scrapbook paper to replace the centers, topping them with some glass marbles. One side reads "creator(God)" and the other "creation", a reminder to me of the glory of what I am to the One who is in charge.

Today one of my talented coworkers did a "lunch and craft" class where she showed us how to make this really cute card with a suit and tie on the front. It is harder for me to do this type of crafting, as I'm more of a "put it together as I go" kind of person instead of one who plans and executes. It was a bit of a challenge to me, but one I really enjoyed. Plus, the end product is so adorable!! If I got around to doing more cards it would certainly be a way to use up some of that collection of cute scrapbooking papers I've accumulated!

I was fortunate enough to escape down to Tuscaloosa to spend some time with Thomas, Emily, and Craig last weekend. It was so nice to laugh and play and amazing to see how much he changes. He already exhibits a great sense of humor and is such a little ham! Love this little fellow!


Holly said...

I love the jewelry! You know my address...just in case you would like to send it to me ;) Ha ha. Also, the card is super cute! You know I would have loved that craft as I like things symmetrical! :)I am glad that you have had time recently to complete some projects!I always love you see your work.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Your doing so much better than I am about blogging. Love the jewelry. And the card is really cute too. But of course the cutest of all has to be Thomas!

WKAR said...

Oh, Jill - I do find "simple" so eloquent and simply lovely. Very nice indeed. And that card is fun as can be. But I'll agree -- Thomas takes the cake!

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