Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful art received for my birthday

I realized that while I have not been creative lately, I did receive a beautifully-created piece of art for my birthday.  To explain the gift, I have to give a little history.  A few years ago, I participated in an art quilt swap hosted by one of the Yahoo groups of which I was a member.  I received a gorgeous art quilt but a few months later the artist asked if I could return the quilt to her so she could use it in an upcoming book and to feature in some workshops she was doing. She promised to send a replacement art piece in return, but unfortunately has never remembered to do so. I understood her need for using the piece, indeed, I think she sent off something that she really wasn't ready to let go of.  Still I felt a sense of loss, because I had spent time making a quilt myself and was really excited about getting one in return.  My friend, Kim, knew how I felt so she took the time to make this lovely little quilt and gave it to me for my birthday.

Wish my photography skills were better, but then it is hard to capture the beauty of a dimensional piece in a picture.  You can't feel the textures or see the small details all at once that make it so special.  The fact that she spent all this time making this just for me makes it all that more dear to my heart. The wording inside the doors reads, "You are inscribed in the palm of His hand."Isaiah 49:16.  Maybe I didn't get to keep the other piece because I was meant to have this particular art piece made by a friend so that I can cherish it all the more.

Above you see a close-up of the heart that hangs at the bottom and below a closer view of the center inside the doors.

Besides my big present of a trip to the beach and the art quilt mentioned above I also was blessed with some other remembrances from friends and family.

We had our friends, Terry and Michele, over the weekend after we got home from the beach to watch Alabama football and they brought the beautiful flowers, lavender candle, and the sweetly wrapped organic chocolate bar. Michele had also wrapped the candle beautifully in the same fashion with the pink and black stamped images, but I didn't get a shot before I opened it.  Another friend at work, Kendra, picked out the monogrammed lunch bag and notepad as well as a "Happy Birthday" glass and then I also got some beautiful cards from my daughters, Mom, and friends.

In spite of some difficult times we are going through at present, I am so blessed with family and friends.  I know that really having those that love you and that you love back is one of the things that really matters when all is said and done.  Material things can come and go, but "love remains". 


Annie said...

I'm very late to wishing you a happy birthday but the wish, though late, is heartfelt.

I know how you feel about the loss. I've let things go that I should not have. I've happily sent things off in swaps and then not received anything back. It's disheartening but with a friend like Kim, good cheer is always around the corner.

Jeanie said...

Belated birthday wishes. This is simply beautiful! What a lovely gift! Kim rocks!

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