Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Saturday in October

We went down this past Friday evening to Tuscaloosa, spending the night so that we could be there for a baby shower for Baby Sam being given by Emily's coworkers at Sealy.  Above is the cute wreath that her friend, Valerie, made for the front door.  Didn't notice that some of the letters had been blown over by the wind, but it says "Welcome Baby Sam". 

This was inside taken before the party started. There were more gifts there later on. Valerie made all the decorations.  She is very talented.

Above you can see the cute cake that we brought all the way from Vinemont with the main part sitting in my lap and the top in a separate box.  Emily loves the cakes made by a friend's Mom, Sarah Yarbrough, so Valerie arranged with me to get her to make it.  She does a great job and the cakes are so moist and yummy!  The rest of the tables look lovely, as well.

Here I caught Valerie touching up her face before the shower as I took a shot of the bar area decorations. 

Emily was chatting with some of her friends.  Since I am bad with names I won't try to name everyone in the pic.  If I find out later on for sure I will edit this. 

Thomas came, too, as did Kerry and Craig(Em's husband). Emily was very blessed with some really cute outfits and many practical items, too! Thomas wanted to help open the presents.

Grampy helped get Thomas ready to go.  Here Thomas was singing while Kerry got his shoes on him.  Emily has sheets on the furniture, btw, to protect the furniture from the dog hair.  We usually bring our 2 with us and they have one of their own.  That is a doggie blanket on the floor beside the chair.  Our dogs are spoiled, what can I say.

Had a wonderful day overall.  Besides the shower, it was great to have some time to play with Thomas.  He and I spent several hours having fun while Kerry watched Alabama football with Craig and Emily. He tells me all kinds of things only part of which I understand right now.  I really look forward to whatever time I am blessed with to spend with my grandbabies as they are born and grow up.  All those things you hear about the blessings of grandchildren are so true!


Madde said...

Was just looking around by 'next blog'. Ended up at yours.. It seems so fun whit baby shower and stuff for new born, sad that we dont got it in Sweden :-)

Jeanie said...

The shower looks so festive! I just loved how everything was decorated! Congratulations -- how fun!

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