Monday, April 9, 2012

Does this count as creative?

I'm working an early shift the next few days, which means early afternoon getting home.  I hate getting up before the crack of dawn, but it's so nice to be home with daylight to spare!  It is so pretty out that it is hard to stay in the house.  As I mentioned previously, I almost feel compelled to be outdoors. This afternoon I knocked off a few of my "Round 2 it" projects, all involving spray paint.

A good number of years ago, a friend and coworker at Woodland Lab was moving to Mississippi, so she gifted me with a patio set.  She said I would get around to redoing it before she would and they didn't want to move it.  Well, I'm ashamed to say I put it off until the cute little table that goes with these chairs was starting to come apart from neglect so we left it behind when we moved, bringing only the chairs.  My Mom had given me this little table several years ago.

I thought the table went fairly well with the chairs but now they all have a matching coat of paint to make them look more like a set. This is supposed to be a turquoise color but it ended up looking more blue than I would like it to.  I may try to antique with some touches of green and brown.  Will live with it a few days before I decide for sure.  I turned the stained-glass table top over so the colors were more subdued than the real top with green, brown, and yellow sunflowers.

The previous owners of our new house left a good bit of junk in the small workshop on the property.  We were astounded that they left a pair of lamps since they were so unique!  I can't imagine what the maker/designer was thinking when they came up with this design!  The pottery of the lamp itself has an embossed pattern that was totally ignored when they started applying these pink/gold giraffe-looking spots! I would imagine these are from the fifties or early sixties. I tried to get a brother to the woman to take the lamps since they once belonged to their mother.  He is a neighbor of ours now. Amazingly, he didn't want them either.  I plugged them up and they still worked, so I thought what will it hurt to try a spray paint job?  I was going to get rid of them anyway, but if I could make them more subdued, shall we say, maybe a couple less things in a landfill.  Not wanting to waste money, I opted for a hammered bronze that was left over from painting an old brass headboard(looked great BTW!). Taped up the base, so the gold there would still show and sprayed away. Thinking they look much better now!  If only the shades had been smooth fabric, I think I could try to redo them with some paper or other fabric, but they are a rough, nubby fabric that I won't be able to get glue to stick to. Will be on the lookout  for some decent shades at thrift stores first before I buy new ones, cause I'm cheap, don't you know!

Before(excuse the shed, not ours!)


Next on the agenda, while I had the paint out, were some brass Home Interior shelf brackets.  Forgot to take a before shot, but you can use your imagination, I think.  These hold a glass shelf and will now match the color of the master bathroom plumbing fixtures and look more updated.


Again, I forgot to take a before shot, but these hands used to be flesh-colored only. I am a messy painter, what can I say!


So that was my spurt of energy for the day.  Now if only I could get inspired enough to put these folded and sorted clothes away.  That lazy housekeeper never shows up to do this!


Annie said...

Hi Jill. I hope you keep the lamps. I love the shape.

Beth said...

Wowza!! Love what you did!!! Love the Colors!!! I know you enjoyed doing it too. I am busy planting flowers all over my neighborhood. In between taking care of Lala. I sure do Love this time of year. You really have quite a bit of Country side around you, don't you? I plan on taking a Bama break hopefully by the end of April. I need a break and have so many friends that I want to hang with. I hope I am able to come hang with you too. XOXO

garden shed said...

You are indeed very good in reviving things. Nice job!

Storage Sheds said...

Nice work! I am really glad I read this page.

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