Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year with 52 week resolution

Good intentions have failed me in more ways than one.  I had hoped to do better about posting, but it was October last time I did.  Also, as I mentioned several times in the last year or so, I've kind of lost my artistic way and I'm still floundering as far as that goes.  I've told myself more than once that if I was supposed to be creating, I would be doing more than I have been.  Still I'm not ready to give up yet. 

I've seen where many bloggers take on 365 day challenges or weekly ones.  For me, a 52 week artistic challenge seems a good idea, one that should be possible, at least with very lenient guidelines!  To create one artistic item per week and blog about it, will give me 40 more posts than I got in last year. This may sometimes be no more than a journal page or include crafty stuff rather than true "art". We'll see how it goes.  I can't be more disappointed in myself than I am right now.

I owe several people a hand-crafted item, anyway, from a Facebook pay-it-forward challenge, so I am starting out with my procrastinating self way behind. This tends to start a cycle in my head where I question what I'm going to do, then am unable to decide and then do nothing at all and so forth and so on. 

But this is a new beginning and start of week one.  My work week runs Thursday night to Thursday morning and will be going into that tomorrow night, followed by seven days off.  Getting anything done while I'm working will definitely be a challenge so there may have to be adjustments in how I divide up my weeks.  Here is hoping for better and more artistic times ahead!

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Jeanie said...

Happy New Year, my friend. I'm glad you are blogging again. Funny you mention the 365 thing -- I got a book for Christmas about doing that -- sort of a journal but with lots of interesting articles. I think the first thing I need to do is read the book! Periodically I do a class and now I need to stock up on Valentines and Easter cards, as well as some new general ones for the shop that carries them. But doing art regularly? Not so good.

Here's an example -- I am doing a drawing challenge with two blog friends -- we have weekly topics. You'd think one drawing a week would be fine. I think I'm almost caught up, but I did from Halloween on this Monday!

So don't feel bad -- you aren't alone!

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