Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week One and Two

Well, been trying for a few days to get a post done.  Problem being that I wanted to do the pictures as scans since they looks so much clearer, but I have to do that on my oldest computer and it and Blogger are not playing well together.  I worked with the computer some trying to get it faster to no avail.  Continued to try since I am stubborn to a fault but never could get the pictures uploaded and the post saved without my computer shutting down all open applications. After 2 days of trying, I have resorted to taking pics with my iPhone and uploading with the Blogger app. 

I realize it is now January 17th and there have been no Week 1 or Week 2 art projects posted yet.  My work week is going to present a problem for me unless I figure out some way to get over it.  Seem to be so tired after working ten stressful hours of night shift that I don't feel up to doing anything when I get home in the mornings.  It was this past weekend, the middle of my off week, before I did anything artistic. My hubby has a way of "sucking the life" out of my off time, finding things for us or me to do.  Hard to turn down some of this because it will be projects that I've wanted done for a long time and know that if I don't take advantage of his interest, it could quickly disappear. 

So here is what I am calling Week One's art item:

Right hand page of journal spread

Left hand page of journal spread

These pages ended being about my present struggle of balancing the scientific work day with an urge to create or the two sides of my brain at war. The lines of cars and people are to show the way I feel about us having to work.  Started out with gessoed pages glued with wrapping paper scrap rectangles.  Then used aqua and pink acrylic paint glazes as well was more white gesso and streaks of black to blend over the paper pieces. Final touches are black gesso rings, chart paper from Woodland lab(in memory), various other magazine and book snippets, and the heart from paper used under painting projects. Fairly satisfied with these pages.

Cheating with the week 2 project because all I did with this one was repair a previously begun assemblage piece that was damaged in the move.  I still want to do more with this but haven't decided what to do yet.  I do hope to be able to add another real art project for this week but will have to see how things go.  Right now it is Thursday and I am supposed to be going in to start my work week tonight.  Due to the snow, I am going to have to go in early and will probably be late getting to leave tomorrow, depending on how roads are and whether anyone tries to come in on dayshift. So will be working lots of hours with now sleep, good for the paycheck but not a 52 year old mind and body!
Will leave this post as it is for now. Sorry it is so quickly done.  I do have hopes to do better.

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Jeanie said...

Well, I have a great deal of respect for your creative plans. And I have to admit, your comment about the right and left sides of the brain was something I hadn't thought about. Very interesting. I very much like your pages. Nice work

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