Monday, November 17, 2008

To everything a season

This past weekend was a time to rest. Very welcome after the way the work week ended. We totally enjoyed a few lovely days away in quietness at a nearby park. The peak of fall color had already passed, but still a little left to see here and there. Our campsite was right next to a paved path through the woods down to an overlook built at the top of bluffs by the water. I took several walks to take pictures and just commune with nature. The weather was not the most ideal, being rainy one day and pretty cool the rest of the time, but of course, I don't really mind the cold too much anyway.

I was able to watch a couple of movies, read 2 books I borrowed from a friend, and get 5 Christmas banners done for an art swap from the atc group. Dh sets up a satellite dish and is able to keep up with his ballgames, races, or tv. This keeps him happy. We cooked a little. Had roast and vegetables from the crockpot on the rainy Friday and then chili on Saturday after it turned cold. Thursday and Saturday evening we were able to have a fire in the firepit they have each camping spot.

Camping as a vacation has the advantage of being able to bring the doggies with us, so we don't have to worry about boarding them somewhere. Max took several walks with me and loves not being left behind. Whenever I leave home for work it is to a pouting Max laying with his head on his paws and giving me "sad eyes". Angel is so old she gets somewhat confused about where she is, but as long as we feed her and she gets treats and love she is ok.

While we enjoyed our time away, I found out right before we came home that my Dad, who has been battling Alzheimer's for several years now, has taken a turn for the worse. He & my Mom divorced over 27 years ago and he remarried not long after. He has been at home where his wife and one of my half brothers have been taking care of him. I helped some last year, but since Mom's stroke have not been able to. Hope to go see him tomorrow. Evidently he is entering the last phases where his body is going to start giving out. His mind has been pretty bad for awhile. I've not been able to speak to my "Dad" for some time. In a way it's like I've been having to let him go for years. When my parents divorced, there was a letting go of the idea of having a Dad and Mom as a couple. He became a husband to someone else and then a Dad to a new family. Then with the Alzheimer's there has been the gradual goodbye to the person who was my Father, reaching the point of where he was no longer really "there" for me to talk to. I miss him. He is such a sweet person. Even with this disease, he'll look at you and smile and tell you he's glad to see you. He just had a birthday last week and is now 69 years old. Still very young to be like he is now. Went from looking younger than his age at 60 to looking 20 years older than his age at 69.

To everything there is a season. A time to live and a time to die. Be sure you LIVE!


Beth said...

What a great post, Jilly! I am wondering what park you went to thats close to you? Is it near Smith lake? It sure looked pretty.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving week because thats what I am going to do,,basically nothing and watch movies and do some art and read. I need it.
So are you working all this week? I was so hoping you would be able to come up while Jane was here. We are going to spend Thursday night at Opryland Hotel. It should be fun.
I am so sorry about your Dad. But I Love what you wrote and expressed yourself, it made me a little tearful. My Dad died at a young age, in his early 60s of Leukemia and of all days he died on Christmas night.
Well take Jilly and don't work too hard.

Jeanie said...

Wow! Those photos are simply amazing -- I especially love that bench. And the yellow tree. Honestly, you should put that print on a photo note card. It's very moody and evocative.

Well, of course I am catching up and reading backwards, so I know a little more about your dad. Your post is so very eloquent and lovely and very thoughtful. I'm glad you had a little time to recharge yourself before going to visit.

Do take care, and happy weekend. I hope you can relax and enjoy.

Holly said...

I am glad you enjoyed your camping trip. I have you know I cried when I read the bottom of your post (which you know is not like me). I am slowly turning into my mother, which is a good thing in my book :)

Love you,

purplepaint said...

Your photos are gorgeous and I love your artwork!!!! I've added you to my faves! :D Marva

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