Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words on Wednesday

Here are a few more photos from our trip, including one through the trees that shows the camper. The one of the water is part of the view from the overlook. Also a closeup of this really funky mushroom that was beside the pavement going into our campsite. It went from a rounded shape one day, an opened typical mushroom shape the next, and then this the 3rd day.

Went to see my Dad yesterday. They live about 45 miles from us. I went up with a couple of my aunts and my uncle. He is a lot worse than when I last saw him, though he was better than he was last week when he couldn't get out of bed. He was up in his wheelchair. Has lost a lot of weight and doesn't talk much anymore. When he does, he sounds very weak and you can hardly hear him. His skin looks old. Very, very sad, this disease.

Well, today begins another work week. I need to finish up my Christmas banners and get them ready to mail. I'll post when I get them completed, though they are almost done. I'm expecting a swap back in the mail of the Ancestor 4x4 pages, so I'm going to go ahead and post my page here. I used a photo of my maternal grandmother which also ended up being used in a page I made for the Fall swap I've already posted about. Sorry the scan is a little dark. It looked better that this. Printed it in black and white and then hand-colored with watercolor pencils. Used some text from a German bible page since she was German/Irish to make one of the leaves. The piece of fabric and the button represent her thriftiness and her talent at sewing. She was the one who taught me to embroider. Also made an extra page for the hostess of the swap that uses a pic of my dh when he was a little boy. It was a just for fun kind of page where I was trying to do a "Claudine Hellmuth" thing with a photo head and a cartoon body.


Jeanie said...

Good work on your Hellmuth-inspired. I've been wanting to try that and just haven't got around it. And lovely, your other piece. That'll be a fun swap to receive.

I don't know that I realized your dad was in such deteriorating health. I'm so sorry -- I know how hard that is. My thoughts will be with you.

Holly said...

The first page is very pretty! Sadly, I think that is the first picture I can remember seeing of your grandmother. Oh...and the one of Dad is great! Did you show it to him?

Love you,

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