Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall and sunset

I know I've shown some similar pics before, but this is a new one, taken a couple of weeks ago at sunset. To me fall is like a beautiful sunset, lots of gorgeous color, cooling temperatures, and a prelude to the crisp, cool dark night of winter. The fall color is late getting to our area so I've no lovely pictures of autumn leaves or woods of orange, red, and yellow to share. I love this time of year just as I love sunsets. Only now realized that I've no photos of beautiful sunsets taken with my digital camera. Need to remember to take some of those.

We went down yesterday to see the dd's and their guys in Tuscaloosa. Dh went to the ballgame, meeting up with a friend of his there, and so did Holly and Chris. Emily and I took the opportunity to go to their thrift store and found some great deals. I should have my fill of thrifting for a while. My favorite find of the day were several old colored glass Christmas ornaments made in Poland unfortunately thrown in a bag with some other junky ornaments. It looked like at least 3 old ones had been broken so I just had to rescue these lovelies before any more were lost. I'll take pics soon so I can show you how pretty they are. Paid only $2 for the whole bag.

Had a lovely day. It was great to see all the "younguns". Took them their Halloween candy. Still doing that and stockings at Christmas. Some traditions are just too fun to break.


Holly said...

That is a beautiful picture! It really does capture the essence of the sunset and fall colors! I am SO GLAD we got to see you and Dadders yesterday! It always makes day to get to see yall! You are a very thoughtful and sweet mother to still get holiday treats for us :) Thank you for the Halloween candy! It is my stress relief...he he ;)

Love you,

Melissa said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Great post about the fortune. It was meant for you!! ;) Want some more magick?? So, I looked around a little and saw a picture of a cat. Noticed the name: Bama. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar? Boom, thought comes in. Yesterday, while taking a needed break, from cleaning, to eat, I turned on the tv. Flipped around, couldn't really find anything, but decided to stop on a movie I've never heard of called "Bama Girl."

Bama isn't a word I hear often, living in PA. ;)

~Hearting those fall colors~

Beth said...

I had fun too. I got to see my kids on saturday. Sounds like you had fun going thrifting too. It was a beautiful week-end and that is a awesome picture.

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful shot of the butterfly! We have a new thrift store coming to this part of town. I can't wait to see what kind of treasures they'll have!

Jeanie said...

This photo is breathtaking. It will be months before we see flowers like that around here!

Glad you had a wonderful day -- it sounds terrific. (And it's good to be back with you!)

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