Friday, October 31, 2008

Note about additional bargains

It is really that you get $25 worth of anything free. (See previous post.) I had intended on getting a luggage set that was priced at $25, but it was gone. Guess someone else did what I planned. So I ended up getting lots of stuff and paying $7 difference. Some of it wasn't sure if it was on sale or not, so I kinda lost cost of how much I had.

Got 7 books including a Southern Living Annual Recipes cookbook and The World According to Garp in hardback. Other vintage goodies--peach wall pocket, turnip spoon rest, restaurant ware plate and saucer, old embroidery hoops(made back when they were smooth as satin wood) patchwork angel(that I want to art up some). Then got some clothes-about 3 or 4 tshirt type tops, Land's End 3/4 sleeve shirt, genuine beautifully hand-embroidered peasant top, nice brown sweater, Liz Claiborne shirt, dressy silk young-looking top, and a really nice blue jean skirt.

Some of the shirts are probably going to my dd's as they are not really me and are kind of small on me. I've been losing weight and so I don't have any idea of what fits me right now. Not been shopping yet since I've been losing. Wanted to wait until I had to. So I just took a pic of the more interesting things, leaving out most of the clothes and showing only of them the lovely embroidered peasant shirt.

BTW, it's hard to type without errors when there is a cat laying on your mouse pad!

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Jeanie said...

Oh, that's so funny about the cat and can I ever relate! Gypsy seems to want to walk on the keyboard, so generally I'm either shooing him away, erasing profusely or typing badly with 13 pounds of orange on my lap!

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