Saturday, October 4, 2008

More goodies to share

You may remember me posting here about the fact I won a giveaway back in September from Cate at A Charmed Life . I was actually a second place drawing winner but the person who won the first drawing never came forward to claim their winnings so Cate notified me last week that I would be getting the big prize which I received today! It was this really cool CarryAll and lots of goodies. The top photo shows the tote filled, lots of pockets front and back, with a sturdy wire frame. The middle pic shows the gorgeous fabrics, yummy fibers, wool roving, wool beads, patchwork squares in some beautiful patterns and miscellaneous bits like game pieces, beads. etc. At the bottom, you can see the paper and ephemera assortment also included. I've never seen anything like some of the papers, very textural, and then others like the white paper with the leaves are just so pretty! There are stamps, tags, & 2 loverly fabric folders. All in all a very generous prize which I totally love. Thanks so much, Cate!

Then below are the things I got when I was bad and went back to the Salvation Army again today. If you go to thrift stores you may know what I'm talking about when I say the following. There were a couple of items I thought about getting but didn't, so decided to run back in there today while in town to go grocery shopping. Right now they are having a sale on Saturdays where all clothing and clothing type items are 1/2 off, so the purse was only $2.50 and the yellow floral and the delicate blue Italian scarf were only $1.50 each. The bag at the top of the photo is a metal mesh candleholder and was 50 cents, but I bought it for the mesh and plan to cut it apart. Then I got a small original floral painting for only $1 and a small black leaf iron tray for $2. I seem to have a thing for leaf trays. Already I had a large orange one very similar to this one, a copper water lily leaf(looks kind of art nouveau), brass magnolia leaf, a silver colored oak leaf, and then some ceramic oak leaves with acorns. These do make good Halloween/fall decorations. Also bought today were 2 shelves which I forgot to take a pic of. These were the reason I went back. One shelf was a handmade painted white one with 3 levels that most likely was in someone's kitchen at one time holding spices. It was only $3. The other shelving unit was made I'm sure back in the Early Country phase of the 80's/90's since it has a teal/maroon paint job but it's really nicely made with a beaded board backing and 2 pegs on the bottom. For $5 I can see it repainted either white, black, or some other vintage color like green or blue. These I may use at our flea market booth for display or to resell.

So it's been a very good day. Our football team won while the big rival team in Alabama lost. We enjoyed a meal at our pastors' house tonight with our Sunday School class. It's Pastor Appreciation month, so several classes are fixing meals this week for them. We had a Mexican food theme and I fixed taco salad, taking some of my homemade salsa to go with it. I also tried a simple cranberry/jalapeno relish to add some spice and it went over pretty well, only it was very hot. Too hot for me, but my dh said it was good. It made a big batch so I put some up in the freezer to test out on my 2 son-in-laws who like hot, spicy stuff. We'll see how they like it.


Jeanie said...

You're unbelievable -- your finds are fabulous and Cate's fabulous prizes are amazing. Now THAT's a giveaway! congratulations!

Holly said...

Shame on you for going back! Just kidding :) That is so cool that you won the grand prize...the other person who didn't claim it sure missed out! Hope you have a great day today!

Love you,

Beth said...

What a great prize you won!!! Your so lucky! And you found some great things at the thrift store. Ours has every thing half off the first saturday of the month. I went in on saturday to get some bargains but turned right back around as the lines were all the way to the back of store to check out,,no way.
Hey,,,I was watching Vandy and Auburn game,,and You know I was thrilled to see Auburn lose. Vandy is 5 and 0 for the first time since 1943. They deserved to win.
Glad Bama won!

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