Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My poor granddoggy

This is the outfit his parents got Coal for Halloween. As we say in the South, bless his heart! He is Craig and Emily's doggie. They put it on him while I was down there for the art festival so I could see him in it. It's hard to get a good picture of him because he is always moving, but these turned out OK. Coal is a pretty dog and very sweet and is part collie and ? maybe retreiver. Looks a lot like Max except the opposite color. Max is retriever/sheltie mix. Thought this would be cute to share for the week of Halloween. I've not been doing much except working lately, though I am trying to finish up an art swap, so not much to post about so far.

It was cold here today, even for Alabama. There was frost on my window when I left work this morning. We may have to break down and turn on the heat, lol! My dh and I are very hot natured and like to keep the house cool. I love to wear comfy clothes like sweatshirts, but if the thermostat's set too high, I can't stand to have them on. Can sleep better if it's not too hot also.


Beth said...

Awh,,Coal is a cutie pie! Looks like he is loving having that outfit on,,not!
Its been pretty cold here too but its making the trees turn prettier colors now.
Don't work too hard!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how cute! Hope you can catch a break soon!

Jeanie said...

Your sweet granddoggie! He's awfully cute, with or without the outfit!

Hang in!

Holly said...

I love this picture! :) He is so funny! Love you! Sorry I missed this post!


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