Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tree image

In looking at an altered book I've done, which is really more art journalish than one having a cohesive theme, I realized that this bare tree image seems to be cropping up a lot. Shown is the first page I ever did in this book where I painted with watercolors an image around the found text poetry which is highlighted. Wonder what this image means to me since it seems to be a symbol. Will have to ponder on that.

BTW, the poetry words are:

full moon
wary sleep
float past
in silver night mist
for another day's illusions

which sounds kind of depressing and I don't necessarily feel that way every day, but that was the poem I "found" on that page and it led to the painting.

Also looking at this altered book and scanning in the pages from it to the computer(which somehow I'd not done yet) made me want to do more pages like these. Altered books were how I entered into the world of mixed media art. By living in a fairly culture-deprived small town atmosphere I only knew of painting, drawing, and sculpture as art forms. About 5 years ago, I was a member of an online frugality forum and read a post about altered books as a frugal way of expression. This caused me to do a search for more info on the web and as these things go one thing led to another. A whole new world opened up to me. I was/am excited by all the infinite possibilities of mixed media. Without the internet, I still wouldn't know anything about the existence of any of this type of art, I don't think, unless I had stumbled across some of the wonderful books and magazines that are available now. Indeed there has been so much to explore that I spend too much time doing that and not enough actually doing anything artistic, I feel. Need to do better about that. I tend to be a scattered person anyway.


Holly said...

I am glad you found that post...because you sure are very talented at mixed media art! Thank you for the sweet post on my wall on Facebook. It really made my day :) Hope you found some great things at the Salvation Army!

Love you,

Emmey said...

Mom! I do too look at your blog almost every day. I just don't neccesarily post on it. I enjoyed your post about the family trips and the stopping to take picnics. I have been thinking here lately that I grew up in the wrong time period. This world would be so much better if we would take the time to slow down and enjoy the people around us. People are what matters, not the things. I think we are all trying to fill our lives with a bunch of things to make us feel like we have "full" lives, when really if we took the time to value the relationships around us and the stories of these people's lives, our individual lives would be much more advanced and complete.

Emmey said...

BTW...I remember this page, and I remember how excited you were to show it to me and the fact that you had discovered this new form of art! God really opened a world to you that has brought you so much joy and it is something that you are sooo talented at!!! Love you Mom!!!

Jeanie said...

Jill, this is wonderful. It has tremendous mood and feeling to it. I like the flow and texture and the poem really works with it. Lovely.

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