Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of what I've been working on

I've got some more still to take pics or scans of-some Halloween stuff, but here is part of what I made this past week. The last photo shows the idea I came up with for making a pillar candle holder from a saucer or small plate and wooden candleholder. This one was painted off-white to match the plate and then roughed up so that some of the original wood shows through. This has probably been done before but I've not ever seen it. I used gel medium to glue the plate to the holder. It seems to be a pretty sturdy fit. That was my only concern, what to use as the adhesive. Let me know what you think of them. I want to sell some of these at our flea market booth.

Then my other trash to treasure items are in the top 2 photos, shown together. The "ghoulie goul" was a thrift store purchase for 50 cents in an unpainted paper mache state but someone had handdrawn a face on it. I painted over the ugly drawing with white and gave it a skull-like face and an authentic bone accent to it's little raffia tuft. Remember I live on a farm, so I find small animal bones sometimes in the barn. Then used a diluted sepia paint wash to age it a little. That doesn't show up as well in the photo. She is sitting on my other project which is one I've done before. I take a wooden bowl and glue it to yet another wooden candlestick(I snap them up when I see them cheap at the Salvation Army). So far this one I've just left unpainted, but the one I did for Emily I painted black. It had a more rounded bowl and looked pretty classy when done. So for a total of a buck and a little paint you get a unique compote/pedestal good for candles or if you're like me a place to diplay some cool rocks or other gatherings from outside like acorns, hickory nuts, pine cones, etc.

We, or I should say mostly my dh since I work 12 hour days, are dogsitting my dd's dog, Coal. He is wanting to play and I've got to get ready for work.


Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Jill!!! Love this ghoul..just great! Thanks for dropping over...I have missed blogging too, but just haven't had time/motivation to blog lately with all that has been happening and being sick so much of the time. Sometimes I feel that if I am not blogging art, I don't have much to share and I have not been making art lately. So I decided that I could blog about other things that were going on in my life, after all it is my blog and there are no hard over rules as to what it should that is what I am doing with it now, just telling things about me and what is going on around me!

You can be sure I will definitely post about Artfest! I just hope that the economy gets on the right track again, or things could happen to prevent my attending which would really be bad...let's keep our fingers crossed that things settle down soon!


Beth said...

Oh Jilly,,,I got the greatest package in the mail yesterday and I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Thank you so very much!!! Giselda is my favorite!!! Your amazing. My post today is all about you and how great you are!
I Love our ghoul he is cool. I also love your pedestal candle holder,,you have the best ideas!
Hope you don't have to work too hard. Talk to you soon!

Holly said...

The ghoulie goul is very cool...very creative and great for Halloween! Also, I love the candle should definately sell these at your booth. I am not just saying that because I am your daughter...I would really buy those! I like that they are different from anything you could buy in the stores and there is not a replica of it that someone else could have. Does that make sense? I hope so. Forgive me if it doesn't. My brain is fried from studying and doing homework so much. Hope you had fun tonight at the band festival. Have a great night at work!

Love you,

Kim's Treasures said...

Love your ghoul!!!

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