Friday, October 24, 2008

Born to multitask?

To change from showing you photos from the art festival, here is another altered book spread. This pic of the little girl was found in a magazine ad as were the words. I have a presently disorganized file of clippings that I pull from to use in my journaling. The flowers were stamped with some cut out of the top of a styrofoam covered plate from the cafeteria at work. Game markers make the flower centers. I used a multi-colored stamp pad for all the stamping, the flowers and all the random color around the pages. More scrap paper leftover from the piece I used on the front of my inspiration journal, I believe, are the square bits on each page.

I think most women feel overwhelmed with tasks at time. I know I do. Especially when you've got family to take care of, be it a husband and/or kids, or aging parents. Add in a job outside the home and things can often be "interesting" shall we say. I guess some men may feel this way, but not here at my house. My dh is very laid back for the most part and seems to let very little bother him. Of course outside of his work(and he does work hard) he is very selective about which household tasks he'll bother with. He is getting better as he gets older.


Kim's Treasures said...

Very creative...I don't think my mind can do that. Whenever I try collages, my mind shuts down. Great job!


Holly said...

Very pretty piece! Love you and hope you are having a great day!


Beth said...

Awesome spread, Jilly!!! So did you carve the flowers into the styrofoam plate and stamp with them?
I sent out my Fall Chunky swaps yesterday but of course they won't actually go out till today but I was just happy to get them to the P.O. yesterday. But anyhoo, inside of yours are a little extra somethings for a very belated birthday present. Hope you like them. My husband is pretty good about doing chores cause he is a workaholic which can be just as agravating as a man who doesn't do much. Why can't the make them in a happy medium? LOL!
Have a great monday!

Jeanie said...

Well, I'm overwhelmed, that's for sure! Your collage is absolutely beautiful, Jill.

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