Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little more of the art festival

Sculpture by Mark Orr:

Assemblage work by Amy Lansburg:

Paper mache art by Tiffany Ownby. I thought this was very uniquely beautiful. Never had seen any art done this, but I like it!

Folk artist John Henry Toney explaining his art to an interested party.

Both of these 2 are book art by Joe DeCamillis where he has a miniature painting set into the book. Very beautiful altered books for sure!

Assemblage art by Anthony Pack

Hope you don't mind me sharing so many of these photos, but there was so much wonderful art! I haven't even shown all I took, but I think I've probably shown enough. I'm back at work for the start of another work week. Looks like tomorrow will be good sleeping weather with rain and cool temperatures. We are definitely having a fall this year as far as temps, but not as much fall color as you would expect here. Don't know if it's from dry weather or what. Well, I need to go to bed.


Holly said...

This is my favorite batch of pictures so far! The sculptures are beautiful! Hope you have a great night at work!

Love you,

Beth said...

I am loving all the pics your posting and could see plenty more of the great art! I think winter is creeping in on us today. Cold, Rainy, and miserable. Hope you have a great week-end!

Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Jill! Love that you shared so much of the art festival with us...just wish I could find one like that...I would be there for days! The closest I get to an real art festival is a Fall Festival in Bedford PA every fall...the most complicated artist makes animals out of pine cone pieces...really!

Jeanie said...

I love going to art shows in other places with my friends like this! I'm always inspired!

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