Friday, October 31, 2008

Thrifting pictures

Went by the Salvation Army after work on Wednesday and it was a good day to be there. Everything priced from $1 to $20 was half off. They also have a program where if you spend $100 in a month you get $25 gift certificate good for anything I think. I'll find out about that today as I did that in October so I'm going to get my $25 GC and see what I can get with it.

Wednesday I found 3 pairs of scrub pants that were like new for only $1 each and I needed some more. Also for work, the crazy purple shoes which WERE new. Still had the tags and originally sold for $30 and the S.A. had them priced for $10. I wouldn't pay that, but did give the $5 sale price because again I need some work shoes and while these won't go with everything I can wear them with several things I have. Almost cut out of the picture by the bad photographer are 2 cute little plastic drawer units for 50 cents each which should be good in the art room for small stuff. The vintage apron was $1.50 I think and the 4 trivet thingies ended up being 50 cents each. They are metal with a cardboard bottom. Believe they are vintage but if so are like new. Will probably sell them at our booth if Emily doesn't want them(they won't match Holly's kitchen).

I'm telling these backwards as now I'm talking about the top photo. The cute baking dish looks like it's from the seventies? and was purchased for $1.50 and the wooden candlestick in it was a quarter. Bought it to make a candle holder with a saucer. The wooden cake pedestal was also $1.50 I think. Plan to repaint that white or black. Then the Halloween candle dish and shade were new with tag from Home Interior. They were $1 and had a few chips on the paint that I was able to cover up with some of the crazy colored nail polish I mentioned having a stash of before from when the girls were younger. Amazing how often I use that stuff. The lovely fall tart warmer is a Fitz and Floyd piece which was $1.50 on sale. It had a few flakes of paint missing, too, but you can't tell it now after some more nail polish touchups. There is an owl on one side and a squirrel on the other so it's pretty all the way around. Would be a good table decoration. Almost forgot the bluebird at 50 cents.


Kim's Treasures said...

Awesome trip to the SA!!! We just had a second new SA open by me. I am going to pop in there next week. Have a Happy Halloween!

Holly said...

THE SQUIRREL THING IS MINE!!!!! :) Looks like you found a lot of stuff! You definitely have more patience than me. Love you!


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