Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall swap and birthday goodness

Received in the mail yesterday the fall 4x4 pages from a swap hostessed by my friend, Beth from the atc_group on Yahoo. They were all gorgeous and will make such a pretty book all put together. Beth even made a title page from some of her digital artwork. I'm envious of Beth's ability to do such art. These pages are shown in the 2 photos above. I'll give the artist for each page left to right, top to bottom. In the first scan, Beth's title page is first and then her 4x4 page is next to it. Aren't they beautiful!?! Love the colors she used, the gold accents, and the leaf danglies! Next on the bottom left is the front of the page by Judy D. which is a lovely Halloween/fall combination. Beside that is Lottie's page, who is Beth's Mom. Again I love these colors and the ribbon and leaf trims. In the next photo the first one is the back side of Judy's 4x4 which I wanted to show because she had both sides decorated so prettily. On the right top is spooky page by Candy P. So totally cool! Next row on the left is another Halloween page done by Aiyanna W. with the raven that has such great details including stitching and black netting. Love this one, too! Last, but not least, is the funny doggie with googly eyes created by Denise B. This one makes me smile every time I look at it in addition to being pretty.

Shown here are the birthday surprises that Beth was so sweet to send me! There is a soldered pendant/necklace. The front is shown in the scan of all the items on the top and the back of it is below. Wanted to show that because it's pretty, too. I love this necklace! I told Beth she couldn't have given me a better present as I've been wanting one for a long time, but haven't gotten up the nerve to try soldering yet. Isn't it just so gawgeous! Did I mention I love the necklace? Also, she included some cute cat magnets. So sweet! These make me smile! And on top of these goodies, Beth sent one of her "oh, so cool" altered Halloween postcards! I'm lucky to have such a great art friend, aren't I?


Beth said...

OH JIllY! I am so glad you got the package! I have had the necklace ready for a few weeks but I just thought I would send it back with your swap package. I so glad you liked it all! I am so glad I have a great friend like you too! I wish we lived closer! I sure hope you can come up when Jane is here. I have plenty of sleeping space now at the new house so if you can get off then please try to come up. We are going to do a artsy party on the saturday before she goes back (nov.22) Charlotte and her "sister"(what she calls her daughter in laws mother) will be there too.
So try to come up.

Beth said...

P.S.- I thought you might could even wear the red bird necklace at christmas time. You can also swap out beads on it too.

Holly said...

What a wonderful group of talented artists! :) All of these pieces are beautiful!

Love you,

Jeanie said...

Oh, Jill -- all of these are wonderful. I wish I'd had time to participate in that swap! Isn't Beth one of the most talented? Love it! Again, belated birthday wishes!

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