Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Behind every good man

This is yet another spread from the altered book. Yes, I know, enough with that already, but the stuff I'm working on now I can't share yet. This one gives my take on the expression, "behind every good man", where I add the phrase, a great woman. Maybe a little sexist on my part and I'm aware that some men are sucessful despite not having a great woman in their life. But, I do believe that throughout history and even today, many women have provided strength, care, and endless hours of their time with the man being the only one getting any credit. This attitude of mine probably springs from my having grown up in the era of the women's lib movement. The generations of young women coming up now are experiencing freedoms that they don't fully realize or appreciate, I'm afraid. They have choices about careers, education, voting that women fought and died for. I hope I instilled in my daughters how important and valuable they are as women.

Sorry for my preachiness and I don't mean that I hate men. Far from it, I think some of them are totally yummy! Oops, that was sexist again, sorry ;) I'll get off of my women's lib soapbox now.


Holly said...

I liked your post...and yes... you did instill those values in us :) I hope you have a great day off with the rain!

Love you,

Maija said...

I LOVE how you set this page up!

Beth said...

Ha! I agree "men are yummy" and some are trainable by the great women in their lifes! I am glad we women have to freedoms that we have today and that we don't have to play the "June Cleaver" role any more. Can you imagine having pearls and a fancy dress on and making a big breakfast for the brats and the hubby at 7 in the morning,,ha! Love your Altered book,,keep showing more of it!

Kim's Treasures said...

LOL! Nice pages!

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