Friday, October 3, 2008

Thrifting on Thursday

Had an appointment in town, so I took the opportunity to indulge in some thrifting at the Salvation Army. I ended up buying a fair amount, some really good deals, lots of smalls as they say in the auction world. The bottom photo shows the best deal, some appliqued placemats with matching napkins which were only $2.50 for five. Pink tagged stuff was half off this week, so these were marked down. I'm sure there should have been 6. Wonder what happened to the other one. Of course, I didn't really need these, but I just have no willpower when it comes to linens especially at that price.

Everything in the middle pic was $1---striped like-new tote, vintage orange recipe card holder, old cookie tin, sweet bird candle holder, the blue basket, and a new accordian file folder that my dh was needing for some of his business papers.

In the top photo, there are some more placemats which were also 1/2 price at $2.50 for all 4. I got these quilted lavender/yellow(on the other side)mats because I'm thinking these will make a good base for an art quilt and for this price will be worth the experiment to see if it will work. Then I can sew my additions to the pre-quilted mat and just add some kind of hanger thus saving myself some steps(since I don't sew well anyway). I couldn't resist the hand-painted strawberry plaques at only 25 and 50 cents or another bird candle, one by Marjolein Bastin for $1. Think I may put a whitewash of paint on it to lighten it up some. For $1 each I got a restaurant china saucer for the collection I'm acquiring to use as my everyday dishes and to possibly sell the handpainted floral saucer(can't remember the maker right now, need breakfast). Then for 50 cents each, there is the carved wooden moon that I can see as the base for or a part of an assemblage piece and the small vintage frame that I got for the old mat in it. Have plans for that in something I'm working on today.

Woke up early this morning for an off day. Usually I'm bad to sleep late if I can. Hope to have an entire day to do what I want. I've an art swap to finish up and get off in the mail to Bethie and some other projects I want to work on. Of course, there is always cleaning, laundry, etc, etc. that needs to be done but I may put my blinders on to that today.


Kim's Treasures said...

Great finds Jill! I have had no luck at all! Hope you find something fun to do on your day off!


Jeanie said...

Can't believe the napkins and placemats. Gorgeous.

Holly said...

You got some great finds! I really like that cookie tin...very neat! Hope you got to have a day just for you yesterday!

Love you,

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