Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lovely surprise

Was received in the mail yesterday from a dear friend, Beth. It was so sweet of her to take the time to make and send this beautiful card! I love the artwork and then the sentiment is so appropriate: "Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars"-Henry Van Dyke. Thanks so much, Beth. I needed that reminder. The colors are so pretty and of course I love birds and flowers. It is now on my bulletin board by my computer to brighten my days.

I did get some grapes picked yesterday afternoon, late, after spending the day with Mom. Before I could finish, a storm blew in. It had been cloudy but not raining so I was going to work until I was done picking the ripe grapes or it started raining, whichever came first. Well, all of a sudden the wind started blowing so hard and in such a fashion that the trees were just whipping around, so I high-tailed it into the house. Not a minute later, a fairly large limb broke off one of the black walnut trees in the back yard and landed about where I had been. It stayed stormy like that for about 30 minutes or so.

Still need to get those grapes processed and finish picking the other ripe ones if I get time or the rain allows when I do. Will be going down this evening to help Emily with some things and coming back tomorrow morning. I've been on the phone or the computer taking care of business and talking to some friends and family on and off this morning, so I've not gotten anything done(except sleeping late, which was on my list of things to do).


Beth said...

OH Jilly,, So glad you liked the Postcard! You have been on my mind and just wanted to send you a little something. I put it in a envie because it has watercolor crayon on it and afraid with all this rain it might run if it wasn't in a envie.
My grapes are getting ready to pick soon too. Wow, so glad you came in when you did and not crunched by a limb. We got some nasty storms here last night. Its been a rainy July here but love the lower temps.
Have fun at Emilys! And have a restful week-end!

Holly said...

The card is SO lovely! That was a nice surprise :) I am glad you got to sleep late. It is really one of my favorite things to do. I am really taking after my mother more and more every day :) I cannot wait to taste your grape preserves...they sound YUMMY! Hope yall have a nice trip down to see Emily. I cannot wait to see you in less than a week!!!!! :)

Love you,

Holly said...

I believe the doggy's breed is a German Short-haired Pointer. He was really sweet and very well behaved. I am flying the cheapest way as well :/ We will Please pray for me every chance you get before Wednesday. I am surprisingly calm so far :)

Jeanie said...

Beautiful card! Did you get your grapes picked? Do you do jam with them?

We had a wretched day of rain on Saturday. Not too hot for the most part.

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