Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nursery pics for Holly

This post is especially for Holly as she is not getting to attend the baby showers or see any of the preparations for little Thomas firsthand. Snapped a few shots in the nursery on Saturday while visiting Emily and Craig. They still have a few more things to hang on the wall and are refinishing a shelf/cabinet for future toys and books, so some items are in there awaiting a home.

Above, of course, the crib and the changing table. The crib was given to them by my former SIL and the bedding they chose is from Target. Em found the changing table at a yard sale and she and Craig painted the letters hanging above it.

The chest of drawers was Craig's growing up as was the toy chest you can see in the center of the room. We moved it to the corner after I took the shot. They repainted both pieces and are having to strip the shelf cabinet I mentioned earlier. Well, Craig is since Emily can't use the stripper. They have done a great job, I think, picking the colors. I'm working on some animal collage pictures this week to hang over the crib.

This little Rock-a-Bye lamb was a thrift store find early on in the pregnancy. I found it at a Salvation Army store very near Emily's house. It was $10, I think, which is pushing my limit on a thrift store purchase, but since it was like new I went ahead. Felt better when we looked them up online and found out they sell for about $125 when new.

The last picture is the Pack-n-Play. That is something new to me since mine were babies. Very nice! There have been a lot of changes since mine were little!


Holly said...

Thanks for putting the pictures up Moms! I love the colors they picked out for the nursery and cannot wait to see your pictures when they are finished! I am so excited about getting to see everyone when he is born and hope everything works out so I can be there! LOVE YOU!


Jeanie said...

I'm sorry Holly is missing things, but you must be having a ball with baby preps! Congratulations to Emily!

Beth said...

Oh Jilly, the nursery is CUTE! I know they are so excited. And not much longer too! How is the job going? I have been thinking about you and send good thoughts your way. I don't start back till Aug 10 but I am going to work a few days this week so I can have some comp days built up. I dread going back but I am so broke that I am excited about having some money again. Take care!

Holly said...

I often find myself thinking, "This is something Mom would do." I think there is nothing wrong with being like you, though. You are a pretty remarkable person :) I am glad your work week is going well. I have been thinking about you at night wondering how it is going.

You should really try those turkey burgers...I have to say they were pretty yummy. The brownie recipe was a tasty, easy homemade recipe...that is why I liked it!

I have enjoyed getting to read! It is one of my favorite hobbies now. I need to go pick up some more books I have on reserve.

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