Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More fabric work and pics of my sweet grandson

I have done a little something artsy. I finished another fabric cuff, just practicing with some scraps I have. I am going to do a one-to-one cuff swap with my friend, Beth, but the one I finished is not the one for her, so I won't mind sharing it here. I also will be participating in a Halloween atc swap that Beth is hostessing, so will be working on those this week while I'm off.

Not been a great week around this house. My hubby has the swine flu and has been sick over a week. He started feeling bad last Monday and is still not up to par, although he did go back to work today. With him, it ended affecting his breathing the most. The doctor gave him an inhaler and the Tamiflu. He doesn't smoke and never has, but he is kind of allergy-prone, so maybe that is why the lung symptoms were worse for him? Thankfully I've not come down with it so far(knock on wood).

Of course, I'm always going to have baby pics to share these days. Those of you friends with me on Facebook will have already seen these, but here they are anyway. Some I took last weekend. The bath pic is one Emily sent me this weekend. Emily had to go back to work yesterday and I've not gotten to talk to her with me work schedule and her's conflicting to find out how that went. I know it was hard for them.

In news of my other daughter, one of my most faithful readers, Holly found a job in the school system in Texas although not as a teacher yet. With their move during the summer, it didn't leave her much time to get papers transferred and certifications for that state, also. She got an aide position with the special education program(not sure if that is still what they call it, probably not in this day of political correctness)at the fifth grade level. At least it got her foot in the door and in place with the state school systems.


Beth said...

Oh,,another cuff,,I love it. I haven't started on yours yet so I am glad you haven't started on mine. I do have one thing I am trying to finish for you. Oh no,,on the hub's flu! I will pray that you don't get it. It hasn't been to terribly bad here but we do have it in the schools.
I haven't been on Facebook lately either. I am rather sick of the computer when I get home in the evenings after being on it all day at work,yuk.
Thomas is sure growing like a little weed. Amazing how much they change at that new age.
I am so glad that Holly found a job! I am an Ed Assistant too but not for Resource(new word for Special Ed) I am just a regular Ed Assitant. I hope she is in an Elementary school and not High School, whew! I know Emily dreaded going back to work and leaving Thomas. Its hard to work when they are that tiny.
Glad you have the week off, Jilly. And have fun too!

Kim's Treasures said...

Pretty cuff and the baby is so sweet!

Jeanie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husband -- he's the first I've heard of with a degree of separation who has the flu. I hope he will heal soon. You take care, too.

The cuff is beautiful! This is a wonderful new niche!

(My FB life is poor. Just for work, mostly...)

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