Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll Tide!

Evidently I'm only going to get a post in about once/week right now. I actually have something artistic to post about this time. In between work here and there this week, I finished this fabric cuff for myself. I gave away the one I did before in the OWOH giveaway, so I made one kind of similarly. I'm trying to make time ,even if it's just a little bit at one time or another to work on art. Seeing an actual project completed in just bits of stolen time, will hopefully be an inspiration to keep doing this. Of course there were a pair of these cuffs as they were cut off a Ralph Lauren shirt I was no longer wearing, but couldn't get rid of due to the lovely fabric. This one got embellished with a bit of lace trim, buttons, felt heart, linen scrap from an old dress, vintage trim sewn across the bottom to hide the cut edge, and some embroidery. May add some pearls or beads. Not sure yet.

And of course, had to show the family's youngest Bama fan! Emily took these shots of Thomas this past weekend. He is laying on an Alabama quilt by one of Kerry's aunts. Isn't he the cutest Alabama fan you've ever seen?


Beth said...

Oh, he is definetly looking very Tidish in his socks and blanket. My brother has a fit because he is a Bama fan big time and my niece and her hub are Auburn fans. So they dress his grandbaby in all Auburn outfits,,just kills him. I told him to kidnap him one day and dress him in some Bama duds and take his pic,,lol.
I can't get over how much Thomas grows each week!
I Love that cuff you made. I have been seriously comtemplating making one too.
I am going to e-mail you in a few.

Jeanie said...

Oh, Jill, that's lovely! I know just what you mean about finishing in bits -- it IS good motivation to keep plugging along despite other obligations and complications! More cutie-pix! Yay!

Holly said...

You know I think he is the most adorable Alabama fan ever! Love the cuff as well! You should really look into making more jewelry and selling it. You do not give yourself enough credit! You could even make it your business! Just sayin....

Love you!

Kim's Treasures said...

I totally understand not having time to get around to the blogs! I've been having the same problem...sorry!

Your grandbaby is adorable!!! What a cutie!

Glad your daughter was able to at least get her foot in the door at a school! My daughter found this teaching job on Craig's List and we are just feeling so blessed that she got it! It's in downtown Detroit but it's not a horrible area.

Have a great day!

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