Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween table-quick post

Taking a break from housework and taxes. Did a quickie table decoration for Halloween this weekend because the previous decorations were very summery-looking. I do have some more cutsie child-friendly decorations, which might be a better idea next year when Thomas is more aware. These are just some various flea market and thrift store finds that I thought looked kind of spooky when put together. The pics are a little dark. They were too bright with the flash and too dark without it.


Holly said...

Love the Halloween decorations! Very festive! You are so talented! I want to decorate my porch for Halloween and fall time...maybe I can find some time this week! Better yet, why don't you just hop on a plane and come out here to do it for me! :)

Love you!


Beth said...

Love the Halloween decos,,,so pretty. How was the first day of the new job?

Jeanie said...

Dark, spooky, but very cool! I have Halloween "up" but nothing on the table yet!

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