Saturday, October 10, 2009

New month, new beginnings

Wow, life gets away with me and blogging doesn't figure into the picture. I've now finished up my last days in a hospital setting, I hope. Will start my new job next Tuesday. God really underscored and put exclamations points by the reasons I hated the job, especially my last night to work. I believe I will remember for a while why I wanted to leave.

During my last couple of nights to work, my little grandson, Thomas, was hospitalized with viral pneumonia, but it was not very bad, thankfully, or they caught it early, so he only stayed a night and a day. I went down Wednesday after I got off work to keep him Thursday and Friday so Emily and Craig could get back to work. Not that I had to have my arm twisted to do so. It was good to get to see and hold him after the worry of him being sick. He is better except for suffering a bit with colic, possible from having acid reflux, and being a little anemic. He'll have to start taking some iron supplements and they will also begin with a little cereal in his formula.

I was participating in a Halloween atc swap for my friend, Beth. Did manage to get those done and in the mail this week. I always try to do extra cards for the hostess and/or make a hostess gift. This time I didn't get those made yet, but will be doing that and getting in the mail to Beth soon. I took pics instead of scans and won't post them until Beth gets the atcs which I hope will be today.

Way behind on housework and need to get my tax stuff together. Yes, I know it is not traditional tax time, but we had to file extensions this year since the partnership return for the farm was not ready before now due to Kerry's Dad's surgeries and all. Shouldn't be on here piddling away my time on the internet, but here I am, lol.


Jeanie said...

Ms. Jill, so glad to see a new post. I figured you were probably pretty crazy with the job situation right now, but the added concern about Thomas probably made it all the harder. I'm glad you have a day off before the new job and that the reasons you are leaving seem even clearer than before.

I haven't done a swap in a long while. Maybe after the first of the year...

Kim's Treasures said...

Congrats on the new job!!!

Sooo glad the baby is doing better!!!


Beth said...

Hey Jill,

I didn't get your ATCs on saturday. I am sure they will be here tomorrow as today there is no mail because of Columbus Day.
I am so glad Thomas is doing better. I know its a worry when a precious baby is sick. I got to spend time with my great-nephew yesterday. He is 8 months and he is the sweetest baby. I really enjoyed being with him and so did Mom.
I sure hope you have a wonderful week at the new job! I know you will LOVE IT!
I am going to try to blog sometime this week, I haven't been very good at it lately either. But oh well, you have to prioritize your time when you work full time.
I will let you know when I get your wonderful ATCs.

Holly said...

So glad you got to visit with Thomas! I am also glad that he is feeling better! I am praying for you as you transition into this new excited for you!!!!!!!!!! Love you!


P.S. I miss you too! Go get those taxes done! ;)

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