Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Wow, life has been so busy lately that I didn't realize it had been over 2 weeks since I posted. Thought this would be the perfect time to share the Halloween atcs I did for the Halloween atc swap. The top scan was one I stole from my friend Beth's post at the atc yahoo group. Her scan was better than the pic I had of the "2 Witches" atc. The other pics are mine. I didn't have time to do scans before I had to get the atcs in the mail, so these shots I took with my digital camera are not the best. I received 3 really great Halloween atcs myself but they are at work so I can enjoy them, since I seem to be there more than home right now, and also so I could show them off to the people at work.

Work is going pretty well, but that is why I've not posted for the most part. Had to stay late a lot of evenings. This week I have been preparing for and taking my competency, which is really an evaluation of your training and readiness to perform the job. I still have a little bit more to do for the competency then I will be able to start doing patient testing. Was really worried and stressed out about that and so glad it is almost over. Once I get past this totally, I know I will feel better and will be able to settle into a routine and enjoy the job and workplace so much more. Still even with this stress, it is so much better than where I was before and I am SO thankful to have this opportunity to try something new, especially considering the economy and job market. I know how lucky I am.

I did tell a friend at work, one that I also worked with at Woodland, that I will be glad when I no longer feel displaced. My brain just has not been able to process all the changes yet, so I am still not feeling totally "at home" with where I am. It is like if you moved into a new home. Even if it is where you will be living and you love it, it still takes a little while before you feel like it is "home" and you no longer feel a sense of newness, if that makes sense.

Oh yes, have also been having some computer issues, that are still not totally resolved. For about a week, was not able to use either my desktop or my laptop because of very slow or no browsing capabilities on the internet. With my work schedule, I didn't have time to try to get if going again. Still it is slow, but at least it is working.


Jeanie said...

Always glad to see a post from you! I can imagine the new job is pretty busy and stressful right now, but knowing it's a good thing helps you sail through that. And you had time to make some lovely art! About the only thing I miss not doing our group swaps is not getting your work (and a few others, too!) Have a lovely weekend!

Beth said...

I am glad your liking your new job. I know its stressful getting use to it. Thats the way it was for me 3 years ago when I changed positions. I am sure you will get in the routine and totally Love it soon. So glad you liked the ATCs that you recieved. There were all so good! Hope you have a great day off and are spending it with Thomas.

Beth said...

Glad to see you post, Jilly! I hope you get your computer issues settled. Miss You!

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

I wandered over to your blog. Found you on the 2009 One World One Heart Giveaway site. After watching the movie Julie and Julia recently, I've decided to try and go through the ENTIRE OWOH list, from beginning to end, in 90 days and connect/reconnect with all the artists and blogs that truly inspire me! Your blog is amazing and really resonated with me!

A bit about me. I'm a mystery writer, jewelry artist, and college professor. Yes, and a Gemini, if you couldn't tell! Here is my blog, where I blend my mystery writing and jewelry craft:
My first mystery Keeping House: A Madame President mystery just came out on Amazon.
Take care and as Julia Child might say, "Bon Blogging!"

Jeanie said...

I've missed you -- and I didn't want the weekend to go without a Happy Thanksgiving message. I know this is a different "season" for you with all that's gone on over the past year. I just wanted to let you know that one of the things I am grateful for is your "blogship" and all you share!

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