Monday, February 16, 2009

Forgot to mention my dh's birthday and ***OWOH giveaway update

It was the 5th of February and he doesn't even get on the computer, but in a sense of fairness since I've mentioned other family birthdays, I should have blogged about his. We are saying, well I am, that the new large HDTV is his birthday present. It was also his Valentine present and may very well be his anniversary and Christmas present. On his actual birthday, we did get to go out to eat and then last weekend when I was off we went down to see the girls and Emily fixed him his favorite meal for his birthday. His favorite food-hamburgers. Edited to add: Holly was in charge of dessert and fixed homemade pecan pie and a wonderful chocolate dessert(sorry, Holly, I had forgotten to mention that!) I think I did mention his birthday indirectly, but never said when it was.

He is now almost as old as me. I'm 17 months older than him, so from February until September, I'm only one year ahead. When we were younger, the difference seemed much larger than it does now. Funny how time changes things.

I wish I had taken my camera with me to our church Valentine banquet Saturday evening. I've not gotten the blogging habit of always having my camera at the ready yet like some of you are so great at. The reason why is that my hubby agreed to be part of a lip-synching doo-wap group performing "My Girl". They had dressed in fifties-style with white Tshirts, jeans, loafers with white socks. Some wise guy thought it would be funny(and it was) for them to put on women's wigs, so when they came out to "sing" the whole group had on the wigs. My dh had on a long blonde, curly wig. Let me tell you he makes one ugly woman! I laughed until my stomach hurt! Just picture this hairy, burly fellow above with long blonde curly hair! I had left my cellphone in the car so that I didn't have to worry about turning the ringer off, so I didn't even have that to use. His phone was in his pocket. One of the ladies from church was taking pictures, so I asked her if she could make me a copy of a shot of the guys singing so I can show our daughters.

***Concerning my OWOH contest, I've still not heard back from Banna, the winner of the cuff. If I've not had a reply from her by this evening, I'll draw again for another winner. She didn't have an email and didn't reply to a message I left on her blog. I will be getting my giveaways in the mail at the end of the week. For one because I still don't have a winner to mail the cuff to and for another, I want to have time to get a nice package together, including some extra goodies to round out the prize nicely. I'll work off my 7 day week on Wednesday morning.

As far as art goes not much getting done due to work, but I have been trying to get some of my fabric/embroidery stuff/felting supplies more organized since I want to do more fabric work. I was inspired for the fabric cuff in my giveaway by the wonderful work done by Rebecca Sower. Guess I should have mentioned that sooner. I love the way she combines embroidery, fabric notions, and other interesting bits and pieces into wonderful fabric collages. You know all those great little things you hang onto because of the feel of history it has or because it's just too pretty. Well, I hang onto to stuff for those reasons and it looks like she does, too! Only thing is she gets around to making pretty art with hers and I just have good intentions to, lol!

I have a spring flower book swap that I'm working on. I had made a good start, but now I'm thinking I need to go a different direction. I may just begin again. Will show pics as soon as I can.


Jeanie said...

Well, first, happy belated!

And it sounds like you had a wonderful time! How fun is that -- and you'll get the "my camera is another appendage" thing soon. We all do.........!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Oh, you hubs an Aquarius too. I wish I could have come and seen you on saturday when we were down that way but we didn't stay too long. I am going to try to come down during spring break, saving some days for that. Maybe we can do some thrifting together.
Well, don't work too hard, Jilly.

Kim's Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday!

The Valentine party sounded like fun! I forget my camera a lot too!

Beth said...

Hey Jill,

I went to Rebecca's blog,,and wow,,I Love it! I saw where she lived in Tennessee and I wrote her that I lived in Tennessee and wrote me back. She does live that far from me. I told her if she ever did any classes in this area that I would love to take some from her. I also told her about the store that I find all my epheremera at in Dickson. You should come up here and go to it some day. Room after room full of good stuff!
Well any way,,just wanted to say thanks for posting that link to her blog!

Holly said...

I wish I could have been there to see Dad in a wig!!! HOW FUNNY!!!

BTW...did you forget what I fixed for Dad? :( :( :(

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