Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wonderful mail days!

I received my spring flower book already from my partner, Priscilla Schrock, on Thursday, I think, and then on Friday, the mailbox contained 2 packages! They were 2 of the OWOH giveaways that I posted about before. One was the lovely necklace from Olwyn at dieadjustmigrate and the other was the awesome hedgehog card from Hege along with a sweet surprise. Hege's son made the awesome pony card for me! I think I'm going to put both of the cards in a shadowbox frame to have as a memento and then they'll be great Valentine decorations, as well. The necklace is pretty in the pictures, but they don't do total justice to it, as the compact top she used for the main part of the necklace is really sparkly. The length of the chain is just right. I was so thrilled to be the lucky recipient of these special prizes! Oh, yes, I didn't know until I took the packages out of the mailbox that Olwyn is from British Columbia, so both these came a long way to get to Alabama. The top picture shows both OWOH prizes and then they are shown singly underneath that.

The spring flower book was for a one to one swap on the mmartfriends yahoo group. Priscilla is more on the ball than me. I'm still working on mine, of course, being the terrible procrastinator that I am. Honestly I've been working on it, but went off in one direction and then second-guessed myself as I often do, and then decided to totally change what I was doing with the book and started over. My first book was going to be about flower children, hippies, etc and was looking more summer than spring. The due date is the 28th so I will be getting mine in the mail this week along with my 2 OWOH giveaways. I had hoped to have them in the mail by Friday, but ended up being gone from home more than I expected. Mom had a Dr's appointment on Friday which took a lot longer than we thought it would. Then my dh wanted to go down to see the girls (well I did, too, lol) so we left out Friday afternoon, spent the night, and then stayed through Saturday evening. Sundays are church.

I'm showing the front of the book and then pics of each spread and then the back. Priscilla had the book wrapped in the pretty blue snowflake paper tied with pink fuzzy fibers, then the book itself has lots of fibers, ribbons, and embellishments. Definitely as lovely as a spring flower garden full of wonderful blooms! I'll be working hard to try to make her book from me be worthy to send off to her.

When I get my pages for the spring flowers book done, I'll finally have something new of mine to show.


Jeanie said...

What wonderful mail! Lucky you -- and boy, does that make me feel like spring -- even if it's awfully cold here! Lovely!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how cool! That's what I call good mail! What a beautiful necklace and swap book!

Holly said...

I just love those prizes you won!!! Are you sure I can't have them? The book is beautiful as well! You better stop procrastinating on yours...ha! I wonder where I get that from...hmmmm? As they say, "Procrastinators unite!....tomorrow" HA HA HA

Love you,

Beth said...

I Love Priscilla's art, I have some of her in some tip ins and decos I did with her in swaps. I Love the book of flowers,,it sure makes me want Spring to hurry up.
Post what yours looks like before you send it.

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