Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More OWOH giveaway announcements!

First of all, I drew a new winner since I didn't hear from one of my others and it is Sophie at MissKoolAid who has been contacted and has been kind enough to already get back to me with her address. I now have all the info I need to get my giveaways on the way. I'll be off work starting Wednesday, so hopefully will have everything ready to mail by at least Friday. I'll be looking at the winner's blogs to see what they are interests are and putting together some extra surprises, too.

I've been pretty forgetful lately! Just realized that I'd never posted that I won 3 times in the OWOH giveaway! I guess with me working, worrying over drawing my winners, and then trying to get in touch with them it slipped my mind that I'd not blogged about the winnings. The weekends when I work are pretty busy, as I try to go to church as I can and then there seem to be other extra activities that I have to try to fit in around my work, so before I know it the days have gotten away from me. Well enough with the whining already and on to the winning! Very early in the morning on the 12th, the day of the giveaway, I was thrilled when I got an email from Hege in northern Norway that I had won one of the 3 giveaways on her lovely blog, Hege-Annie's Paper (He)art++ This link will take you to her giveaway post, where I won the beautiful hedgehog card shown below. Be sure to check out Hege's blog as she does some amazing art! How cool is it that I've won a prize from a country that far away! This will be framed, cherished, and admired. Thank you, Hege!

When I got home from work and logged on to check to see if any more emails, I had gotten one from Olwyn from dieadjustmigrate to let me know I had won her AMAZING pillbox necklace! I had posted when I entered her giveaway that I loved the name of her blog because it reminded me of a great science teacher I had and the way he taught us the same principle was Migrate, Adapt, or Perish or MAP. I don't know if that is the way he was taught it or if he changed to the words to fit an acronym he could teach young people. He drilled the concept into our heads by using it ALL the time in his class. As in, "Parker(my maiden name), you can migrate(go to the office), adapt(shut up or be still), or perish(you get the idea!)" Olwyn told me that her blog name came from her mother who is an ornithological physiologist and who used it to solve all of her life's problems. Olwyn says she still find herself using the principle to this day and I have to say that so do I. My daughters will tell you I taught it to them and even my coworkers have heard me talk about it. Check out the lovely jewelry work Olwyn does and other art as well. Here is the pillbox necklace which I think I will use for prayers and/or wishes. Much thanks, Olwyn!

Then while I was sleeping on Thursday I had received an email from Susan who had a generous giveaway of 3 items including a new copy of Elizabeth Berg's Pull of the Moon, a landscape journal/sketch book AND a gorgeous hand knitted hat! Couldn't believe it when I got up to check my email and read I had won these goodies! I love to read, need a nice new journal, and don't knit or crochet, so how perfect are these prizes for me! Her blog, A Drawer Full of Dreams is new. I've shed a few tears reading her well-written posts about her life and admire her just from them for her positive spirit and how much she obviously loves her children. Thanks, Susan!

I've been one lucky girl and so look forward to receiving and opening my prizes!


Jeanie said...

Wow -- you are seriously in the "good fortune" category! All those items are so pretty and fun. Lucky you -- it couldn't happen to a better person!

Holly said...

Goodness!!!! I cannot believe you won 3 items!!! :) I am happy for you. The hedgehog card is so cute. I wish I could have that :) The other items are beautiful as well! I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Love you,

Beth said...

What a lucky lady you are for winning 3 of the giveaways! I Love the pillbox necklace, as you know I am a art jewelry person. I won a blank board book but haven't recieved it yet.
I am so happy you got all those goodies!

Holly said...

The last time you posted was Wednesday :( I have been checking for a new post!!! I am beginning to have withdrawals!

Love you,

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