Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today's photo is a page that I did for a book that I've yet to assemble. This is one that one of my yahoo groups did in 2005(wow, didn't seem like it was that long ago!) based on Nina Bagley's Book of Treasures featured once in Somerset magazine. We did 5x7 pages for each swap participant and then were to bind them together ourselves. Nina's book has each page tied to the next at the corners with ribbons and fabric. I have my cover made and just lack getting all the pages assembled. I'll try to take a picture of the cover and get it posted in a day or two. The page I sent it was different than this, but I forgot to make an extra for myself and I think the scan of that is on my old computer. I want to try to get some UFO's completed, including getting some books assembled from swap pages received. Since the book theme was about treasures, this page was about my love of ephemera, little bits and pieces of goodness. The treasures making up the collage include broken jewelry, furniture trim, old stamp, rusted bottle cap, etc. The background is an old letter. My love of music is represented by the musical score paper. For the back of the page I used some of my work surface paper, again to represent using the cast-offs in art and life.

I hope to start work tomorrow and make good headway on the other swap I had signed up for. For this I need to make a book with flowers as the theme to swap 1-2-1 with an assigned partner.

I received my Valentine card swap back. They were all so pretty! Will try to post a scan of them tomorrow.

So thrilled with the OWOH participation! I'm approaching 200 responses to my giveaway. One reason I've not blogged much is that I've been using my computer time to hop around the OWOH blogs. For one, to enter to win the amazing prizes, but also to see all the wonderful blogs, most of which I wouldn't have found outside of this event. Still not made it to all, but have until the 11th.


Holly said...

Thank you for posting! This is a very beautiful piece! :) Love you and cannot wait to see you and Dadders tomorrow!


Beth said...

I was in that book page swap. I actually used Lotus page and incorporated into the cover. I have a plate rack in my art room that I use as a altered books holder. I loved all the pages we got in that swap. Can't wait to see your cover.

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