Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ties That Bind project doll completed

The doll has been completed and pictures are now posted on the Ties That Bind blog. By checking out that post, you will be able to see a link to a photo gallery with several great shots of the doll. This amazing doll with all of the altered ties and charms contributed by numerous artists will be having a photo shoot and then will be raffled off with all proceeds going to ovarian cancer research. I will post all details as I learn of them so that those of you who would like to purchase tickets for the raffle will be able to do so. The doll artist was Jan Brown and then Aileen Roberts and Kris Henderson have also been instrumental in this project from making the bird cage to doing a lot of coordinating and behind the scenes work, as well as maintaining the blog AND a yahoo group. Didn't Jan do such awesome job on the doll! Then all the ties, charms, birdcage, just all of it so wonderful! On the left side of the blog is a list of contributing artists and the blog itself has pictures of all the charms and ties as they were received faithfully posted as the project progressed.

I'm showing the scans of my 2 charms and then I borrowed from the Ties That Bind blog(hope that was ok) pictures of the doll and one of the pics that shows both of my charms in one shot. If I find out I shouldn't have done this, I'll remove the photos from here and just direct you to those at the project blog. Be sure to check it out anyway, as it is the best way to see all the charms and ties up close and to see which artists did what. There were many wonderful stories sent in with the artwork that I hope get published somewhere. Lots of meaning behind each piece of art. I deem it an honor to have been able to contribute. This is a link to my original post here on my blog where I explained some of my thought process behind the charms I created. Here is some of my explanation that I posted to the yahoo group about the family members who died from cancer that I wanted to remember with my contributions:

I don't have any family members who have had ovarian cancer, except perhaps my great grandmother and they are not sure if that is what she had or not. Back then they didn't know things like that. I have had several family members die from cancer though. So these charms are in memory of them. The list includes:

Both of my grandmothers, one from complications from breast cancer and the other from metasticized colon cancer

My mother's oldest sister, from lung/liver cancer

That same aunt's only child, her daughter, from metastatic breast cancer, and my aunt's husband from a brain tumor. One of my cousin's 2 sons ended up committing suicide as a teenager, so I count him as a victim as well.

My Mom's only brother from metastatic skin cancer

Please help spread the word, especially as the raffle time nears, so that this will be as successful as it can be to help in the fight against this silent and deadly killer.


Holly said...

That is the neatest doll! I have never seen anything like it! Hope you are still having a great work week! Love you!


Jeanie said...

Unbelievable. Your charms are beautiful -- and what a good cause. My mum died from ovarian cancer and like any good girl with genetic issues, I'm very careful of screening. Do post the info when the auction begins.

Beth said...

Oh,,that is so cool! I wish I had participated in that as I have lost so many loved ones to cancer.
I remember your charms that you made for it. Its beautiful!

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