Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not thinking

This is an atc I did several years ago which I sent out in a swap. Sorry for the bad scan, but this goes along with my rant for the day. On the way home this morning from work, I saw yet again a driver doing this one thing that makes me so mad! He didn't endanger me, but only because I was a little farther back in the lane I was driving in. Maybe the laws have changed since I took driver's ed many years ago and if they have, someone please fill me in. I'll see if I can explain this where it makes sense. What I'm talking about, is when you are either stopped at a red light or approaching an intersection where the light is changing from red to green(what happened to me today) and the driver(s) in the left turn lane opposite you in the intersection decide it is ok to go ahead and turn across in front of you just because they THINK there will be enough time to do this since you have been stopped or slowed and will have to accelerate. Does that make sense? They don't have a turn arrow obviously or you would not have a green light. I know in intersections with no left turn arrow, you can turn left WHEN NOTHING IS COMING but the ones I'm talking about are those where people are sitting in a turn lane with a red light. There is one in particular that I travel through all the time that is where a 4 lane highway crosses over an interstate and the traffic light is at both ends of the bridge. People are constantly turning in front of me to get onto the interstate, sometimes more than one car at a time, like this. I've even had them look at me, like "what are you doing, lady?" HHHmmm, I think I was proceeding legally through an intersection with a green light! What are you doing, you goofballs?

OK, rant's over. Like I said, if I've missed some traffic law change, I would appreciate being told.


Beth said...

Oh Lordy,,don't even get me started on stupid drivers. I drive in every morning with them. They want to go 90 mph when its raining heavily, HELLO-Hydroplaning??? I always worry about that and how they can carelessly wipe me out in a second. We don't call it out Nashville, we call it Crashville.
Heck, they wreck just as much as when its Sunny! Ok,,enough,,,But I do like that ATC,,yes I do!
Enjoy your week off, Jilly!

Holly said...

I have the same problem in Tuscaloosa. Apparently, its a universal issue. I hate it too! As far as I know, there have been no law changes...lol Love you and hope your work week is still going good! It's your last night :)

Love you,

Jeanie said...

Drivers make me crazy. No law changes here... Argh.

But your ATC is wonderful! Whimsy and yes, appropriate!

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