Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time flying by

I haven't made you all look at a cute pet picture in a while, so here is one of Max where he is most probably saying, "Mama, will you come play?" This is how good he is at begging. He will also use this face for when he needs to go outside and you have not noticed. Thinking about that reminds me of a funny story about Max and his asking for something. I had come into the kitchen to begin to fix a meal. Emily was living at home at the time and she was already in the kitchen. Max walked over and stood up with his front feet on the counter at the sink. It's not like him to do that and I told him to get down. Emily said, "I don't know why, but he keeps doing that!" He did it again and it finally dawned on my preoccupied mind that maybe he was trying to tell me something. I really looked at him this time and he was looking at the faucet and then looking at me. So then I looked over at his water bowl which was bone dry. All this time he had been basically pointing at the water faucet with his nose and then looking at us, "like, you morons, if I had fingers I could do this myself" or "what do I have to do, draw you a picture?". So sometimes our pets are smarter than we are, lol!

Why is it that off days seem to fly by? I'm back at work again. It seemed like my off week was here and then gone. Of course, part of is was taken up by helping Mom. I didn't get much creative done, except to start sorting that massive bunch of jewelry, mostly pins, that my friend gave me last year. I did get some clothes together and boxed up to give to the thrift store. I really need do that with lots of things, like books and junk, too. Well, more clothes need to go also. My hubby wanted to wash off the camper while the weather was pretty so we got that done Tuesday and I did take a few moments that day to sit on my deck and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine.

Took Mom to have her stitches out of her knee yesterday. They are going to be able to have Home Health come do her physical therapy at her home which is so wonderful. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage when I had to work. I don't really like the idea of driving someone else around after I've worked all night. She is doing pretty well. Has a lot of bruising which bothers her more than the incision areas. The nurse practioner explained that during an arthroscopy your thigh area is held in a vise while the doctor bends your knee in very awkward positions.

I hope to be able to go with my dh to the races at Bristol next weekend while I'm off. Holly is attending the actual races with her Dad, as I wasn't sure if I could get away depending on Mom's health, so he asked her if she'd like to go. It looks like I might be ok to be gone for the weekend, so I'm going along to just spend some time with them. I don't really care whether I see the race or not. There are other activities such as sponsors with free samples and giveaways. We take our RV and are dry camping so to speak. Have to borrow a generator and take water or buy some. A couple of our friends who are big time race fans are going to be staying with us as well. I'll take some books or craft stuff to while away the time while they are at the races. Or maybe I'll just take a nap or two. We'll see how it goes.


Kim's Treasures said...

I hope you have fun at the races! Glad your mom is doing better! Your dog is a cutie!

Beth said...

Animals are so smart aren't they. My Brat Terrier will also let us know when her bowls are empty and when she needs to go out.
I am so glad to hear your Mom is doing so good. I am taking some time off next week. I hope the weather will be decent. I also hope you get to go to the race and be with your family. That means alot!

Holly said...

Glad you got to go to the races with us! I loved you being there! ;) Love the funny Max post! It made me LOL to remember that one!

Love you,

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