Friday, April 3, 2009


Right now clover is growing like crazy here. Anytime I see a big patch of it, I think of my Dad. He would always stop and look for four leaf clovers and find them, sometimes several. I guess he had an eye for seeing the differences in the patterns of the growth. I remember him doing that my whole life.

Today I was outside spray painting a recent thrift store find(one of those metal sap buckets). While I was waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, I walked around in the backyard looking down at the clover patches. Of course this made me remember my Dad. Now, I've never had a talent for finding the lucky clovers. I'll look and look and never see them. When Dad was still alive, we'd look together and he'd find 2 or 3 while I'd never see the first one. I would press his finds in books on my bookshelf. After he was diagnosed with Alzheimers and had gotten pretty bad, I found one of them and put it in a frame. It's faded now, but I plan to use it in a shrine I'm going to do about my Dad. One of life's ironies, I guess, my Dad being lucky finding four leaf clovers, but being unlucky enough to end up with such a sad disease. Well, I digress, as I often do. To get back to today, while I visually searched the patterns of the clover, I was thinking about my Dad and how much I miss him. Wondering whether he could look down from heaven and see. Thinking it would nice to have a sign that he could. Immediately after I thought that, I unbelievably spotted this four leaf clover.Coincidence? I don't know.


Holly said...

I teared up reading this post. I do not think it was a coincidence. I think God allows us those moments to find some peace within ourselves. I miss him too. I never knew that about him always searching for four leaf clovers...makes me look at them in a different way now.

Love you,

Jeanie said...

I don't know that I totally believe in coincidences. I think you may have had what I call a "flutter by" -- a message of reminder, gentleness, love and perhaps good fortune from your dad.

I know at holidays, grief and loss can pop up -- even if you didn't always spend those together -- and your loss is still so fresh. We all have our "clovers." I'm glad yours spoke to you today. And my next question -- are you pressing your find? I hope so.

Can't wait to see your shrine.

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