Friday, April 24, 2009

Some of my mantras

I have a tendency to let others make me feel inferior. To try to overcome these feelings I have started saying some mantras to myself. I don't always remember to do this and I'll catch myself in a mind set where I am letting other people make me feel that way again, sometimes for a long period of time, before I wake up and realize it is happening and remind myself to repeat my phrases. They are not always these same words and it may seem silly, but I've found it helps me to refocus and to regain some self confidence. I decided I wanted to record these here, partially to remind me if I need it and then maybe someone else might find it helpful.

BTW, if you are one of the people who find that the easiest way to make yourself feel better is by putting someone else down or pointing out the fault of others, you need to realize the harm you might be doing. I think we all may do this from time to time. I realize I am guilty of this myself. I'm trying to do better in this regard. We all need to remember that no one is perfect and ask ourselves, one day if we make a mistake, do we want those around us to be glad to see us down or to be there with a hand to help us up? I think sometimes rather than trying to make yourself feel better by criticizing it has just become a bad habit to do so rather than compliment. Also, I'm sure that at times I might be misreading what someone means, but regardless of intent, I still seem to be talented at making myself feel unworthy or less worthy than others. Isn't it amazing all the "stuff" that swims around in our heads? Or maybe it is just me?

So anyway, here is what I say to myself, silly as it may be:

Do not let others rob you of joy.
I am important and special to God.
My feelings and opinions are valid AND of as much worth as those belonging to others.
Do not let others bring you down.

Ok, my little sermonette for the day.


Holly said...

I like it! I may have to start using this one for long as you don't mind me stealing it :)

Love you,

Jeanie said...

Very good words for us all to remember. I sometimes have the tendency to do as you do. I'll remember this one.

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