Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lovely mail yesterday!

This piece of art in tag form was made by Diane Tisch who is the atc_group on yahoo. She has been a member of this group for awhile, even when it was an MSN group, and was one of the earliest people I swapped atc's with. Diane was also really supportive when my oldest dd, Emily, was in the group during a difficult time in Em's life and I appreciate her so much for that. Her work is always so beautiful and so well-done.

I've been working on the 2 tags I'm doing for this swap and will be mailing them out tomorrow. Just worked off my 7 day stretch this morning. We will be fairly busy the next few weeks. Holly and Chris are graduating from college on May 9th which is a Saturday right in the middle of my next work week. I asked off for Friday and Saturday and some of my coworkers have been kind enough to fill in for me so I can attend her graduation. Then the following Wednesday, we'll be heading down to Tuscaloosa to help Chris and Holly pack up to move out to Waco, Texas on Thursday, 14th. I, at least will be riding or driving out there to help them for a few days. Hopefully Kerry will be able to go as well, depending on how his Dad is doing. I am glad to report my Mom is doing great since her arthroscopic knee surgery. Her left knee is pain-free enough that she is able to walk around much better and she is even still having a small amount of improvement in her stroke arm enabling her to do a few more tasks by herself, like her laundry. She has to take her time, but it is probably good therapy really for stroke recovery.


Holly said...

Hey Moms,
Glad to hear Nana is doing well! I am also glad that you are going with us to move! I love you and am thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive, and loving mother. Hope you enjoy your week off!

Love you,

P.S. Very beautiful tag! :)

Jeanie said...

I've received some of Diane's work in our yahoo group swap; she does beautiful work, as this piece shows.

Glad things are going well. I think Holly's move will be hard indeed, but many congratulations to her (and Chris!)

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