Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at our house and OWOH giveaway received

It's has been a crazy week. Very busy at work and then lots going on outside of work with it being Easter. Our church choir presented an Easter musical. The girls participated in the presentation, so they came home for that as well as to visit for Easter along with their hubbies. Friday morning I had to find time to get some food in the house, as we had a pretty bare cupboard. Friday evening we had dress rehearsal for the choir. Emily's birthday was the 13th, Monday, so we kind of had a birthday supper for her Saturday evening since they were going to be back home on the day of her birthday. I woke up to the smell of food cooking. The kids fixed supper which was lovely and then we had birthday cake for Emily. Now that I think back on it, Emily had to help fix her own birthday supper, bless her heart.

The pics of the family were taken Easter Sunday after we got home from church and before I went to bed to try to get some sleep in. The shot with me in it exemplifies why you don't see many photos of me. I am so not photogenic. It was a very windy day as you can see. A very handsome bunch, I think, excepting my mug. Emily is starting to look pregnant and glowing. She's almost 6 months now. Hard to believe time is flying by this fast. We are going to have a busy summer, what with Holly and Chris moving in May and then little Thomas making his debut in August.

Also, thought I'd show my 2 last minute Easter displays. Friday I was cleaning up the house some and decided the house would be a little more welcoming and festive for the kid's visits with some decorations. I've collected bunnies on and off over the years so one grouping shows several of those. The middle bunny dish is sitting on a cedar plank that my Dad once cut for me(I've 2 of these) and that I love to use in decorating. The other photo shows the dining table centerpiece where I used an old lamb planter that used to belong to my grandmother surrounded by my Capidomonte rose candlesticks with pastel Easter eggs instead of candles and then a couple of cute egg holders and little chick I found at the thrift store recently.

During this busy weekend, I received my other OWOH giveaway from Susan at A Drawer Full of Dreams blog. I LOVE the hand-knitted cap. She knitted this just for me after finding out my favorite color. The blue yarn is so soft, you just wouldn't believe, and this shade of blue is just gorgeous! Her wonderful prizes included a landscape sketch/journal handbook which I hope will jumpstart my recent wish to get back into drawing. Also included are a lovely art card, entitled Gift From the Sea, and then a book by Elizabeth Berg, The Pull of the Moon, which promises to be very inspiring and that I'm looking forward to reading. I just love everything! Thanks so much, Susan!


Jeanie said...

Don't sell yourself short on being (or not being) photogenic! I think you look great! The girls are so pretty in their pinks! Sounds like a wonderful day and good times -- and isn't that the best?

Rosa said...

Love your winnings! Oh, Easter is just too much fun with family, isn't it. xo

Beth said...

Hey Jilly,

Those are great pictures of you and the Girls. I think your very photogenic. I never like any of my pictures either so I understand. I know your getting so excited about Thomas! I Love your Easter Decorations too!

Holly said...

Hey Moms,
The Easter decorations were so pretty! :) I am glad we made it home to visit! BTW....I think you are beautiful! Love you!


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