Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pictures from Bristol race

I got them uploaded to the computer and thought I'd share a few. I didn't go to any of the races, but Holly took my camera with her on Sunday and took some great photos of the track. She took the top 2 shots of the entire track and the one of the turn closest to where they sat. I'm showing this one to try to give you an idea of how steep the bank is to the track. She got a lot of great shots, but I'm just showing 2 of them.

I did go over on Saturday morning to walk around the advertising booths, etc. set up around the outside of the track. That's where I took the pic of Jimmy Spencer speaking to the crowd and Holly got close enough to get a good one of Kyle Petty(one of my favorite drivers) who was at a TV broadcast setup. There were fireworks on Saturday evening and I got some decent shots of those. If I knew more about my camera I could probably have done better. What's funny is that the shots of the fireworks never look like what you just saw. Also, showing one of what the track looks like at night from where we camp.

Just realized there are no people pics, so I'm editing this post to add a couple. One shows my hubby sitting watching the grill(looks like he's praying) which is on the ground and Jason in front of our RV at the campsite. The other shows me, Holly, and Dawn on Saturday by the track. Dawn and Jason are big time race fans who got Kerry hooked on going to Bristol and North Carolina.

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Holly said...

We had fun! Your firework shots were really good and the one of Jimmy Spencer turned out great! How did they all turn out looking on the computer?

Love you,

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