Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up and thrifting goodies

Sorry to not be blogging that much. Time seems to get away from me. I've spent some of my off time at the end of last week trying to get caught up on laundry and getting rid of a few clothes as I go through them. Also, been trying to clean up the art room some, at least the work table. I have a list of projects that I want to get done, some big, some little. Most involve decluttering or cleaning. The others are bigger ones like finishing up our remodeling efforts in the kitchen and utility room. I figure if I get a little done here and there it will eventually add up. Of course, I would love it if my screened in porch were ever completed. My dh promises we will work on at least the roof when we get back from getting Holly and Chris moved to Texas in May. To give him a little break, he is working a part time job in addition to the farm and his Dad has been limited in what he can do since his recent back surgery, so hubby has more to do than usual.

Have been able to get in a few thrift store shopping expeditions. These trips are stress relief for me and much needed after last week at work. I've gotten some great buys with several nice tops and 2 like new pairs of Izod pants. Found a couple maternity jeans for Emily. These finds were from the Salvation Army in Cullman where I also got a great deal on a king size Ralph Lauren comforter cover AND bedskirt for $10. It's a lovely floral bark cloth(I think) or a nubby linen that you can see in a close up. We have a formal looking blue comforter on the bed now, but I'd like to be able to have something less fussy for a change. Got a few other deals as well, including some hand crocheted wash clothes and this vintage Mexican floral curtain panel shown in the photo at the bottom. I've not taken pics of everything.

We went down on Saturday to take a baby bed down to Emily and Craig that my sister in law gave them and some boxes to Holly and Chris so they can start packing to get ready to move:( Holly and Chris were out of town attending one of his cousin's weddings in South Alabama so we didn't get to see them. The main reason we went down was so Kerry could go to the scrimmage game at the U. of Ala. Craig also went to the game. Emily was working. I did go by to see her at work, but then also killed some time thrifting, of course. Thomas has some more clothes now. I couldn't resist a pair of cute olive green overalls in 3-6 months and a few other items for him. I have a Santa mug and pitcher collection, most of which was given to me by my MIL. I try to add mugs when I find good ones. Got one Saturday for 50 cents that is really unique and has a face on each side. Other goodies included a small classical statuette in white and a cute Made In Japan relish tray. Then take a look at this starched-beyond-belief pink and white doily. I scanned it so you could see it up close. It's an odd shape that you can see in the blurry photo. Perhaps it was made to put at the top of a chair back? I'm not sure if I'll ever get all that starch out, but it was only $1.50 and it was begging to be rescued. For $2 I got a new Christmas framing set by Colorbok that I don't plan on using as is. The kit includes an 8x8" canvas which will hopefully be used for a mixed media painting and then I'll have the scrapbooking paper, metal name plate and other embellishments for other projects. Oh, yes, I bought 2 cute purses. Those are at the back of one of the shots.

We also got a little yard work done here and then I spent Friday afternoon at Mom's cleaning up sticks from recent storms before her mowing guy got there and will be going back today to her house to finish up some other work in her flower beds. We've been lucky to have made it through recent storms without much damage. I lost my only remaining rose bush last week. It was like it was just plucked up out of the ground and thrown out in the yard.

I hope to get some art time in here maybe tomorrow. I think I'll just have to give myself permssion to be all right with doing that. The problem with having a to-do list for me is that I then feel guilty if I'm not doing something on the list. Ok, I'm seeing what I need to do and that is put "make some art" on the list. Maybe that will help with the guilt thing. Why are women so good at making ourselves feel guilty about stuff like this? Do you ever see a guy worrying about making time for what he wants to do vs. housework? Not my guy, anyway!


Jeanie said...

Oh, Jill - what fabulous finds. Can't believe the great deal you got on that beautiful comforter! And the Mexican print was my favorite. Cute Santa mug, too! I'm trying to decide if you have better junking stores there than we do here or if your eye is just better! You always thrive!

I didn't realize your weather had been that terrible. I'm grateful you and yours are OK. Take care.

Oh -- and about that guilt-free crafting? If you figure out how to do it, will you please make a post? I could use some pointers!

Rosa said...

Oh I'm loving that santa cup. And the crochet is gorgeous!!! Great job!!

Holly said...

Glad you found some nice things at the thrift store! Why did you not put a pic of the overalls up???!!!??? I hate that we missed you this weekend...wish we could have been here! Love you and hope you night back at work goes great!


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