Monday, June 8, 2009

Post #1-my art deck cards

Six hearts-Vision theme

Five Hearts-Numbers theme

Four hearts-Birds theme

Three hearts-Specimen theme

2 Hearts-Journey theme

Ace hearts-Time theme

These are part of the cards I made and sent in for the collaborative book. I only have the hearts suite done so far. I do plan to try to do all the others just for the fun of it and already have the folders laid out to make to hold them. As I mentioned last post, each card had a theme. I'll show part of them in this post and do another for the others. I couldn't share any of them until the book was published. As it turned out, the main focus of the book was not on the individual art, but the project itself and how it was done. Since you could only see the first card, I thought I'd show you the others.

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Holly said...

Beautiful art as always! It all deserved to be shown in the book! :)

Love you,

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