Saturday, June 6, 2009

Publication pictures and tentative good news

These are scans of the book by L.K. Ludwig, the cover shown above, in which some of my work was published. My first time in print, yay! The book is about collaborative art projects and mine was part of a group effort, Magpie Arts, whose work is shown below. The objective of our project was to complete 5x7" cards representing each of a deck of playing cards with each card being assigned a theme. These were not for a swap, but to keep for yourself. The idea being to see what each person came up with for the theme and to share the art online. I joined the group late so I was behind most of them. At the time the work was submitted for publication, I had only the hearts suite done. We were to make some type of holder for either the entire deck of cards or, as in my case, something for each suite. I decided on making a box whose top would have some type of roof shape to it, each different. Of course, I've not finished any of the others yet, but hope to one day. I have the cardboard cut out and ready to assemble for each "house". For the house of hearts, the roof is arched. It is in the scan at the bottom. My work ended up being featured in a different section of the book than the group art. As a matter of fact,my name is not even mentioned in the write-up about the group's project or even, unfortunately, by the picture of my house of hearts book with the cards inside. I contacted the publisher and heard back from them that hopefully this will be corrected in future printings of the book, the next of which will be done very soon. But I have to say I was bummed out that my copy does not have my name.

Overall the book is very lovely. Lots of wonderful art of all kinds is included. My piece was moved from the group pages to a section near the front about different ways art projects can be presented. L.K. seemed to think that was when my name was left off the caption.

In the good news department and in reference to my last post, I think I have a job position secured at Hartselle Hospital working the same shift that I am here. This will be a transfer, so that I will be able to maintain my benefits, vacation and sick days. I've nothing in writing yet, so it's not for sure and certain. Please continue praying that this will work out and that all employees here will be able to find other jobs.


Holly said...

I love that your work is published! I hope they get the name situation corrected! Love you and praying for you!


Beth said...

Wow, Jilly! What awesome art! Looks so great! I am like Holly, I hope they get your name on there if there is another printing of it.
That is wonderful news about your job. So great when it all turns out ok. Is it a little futher drive for you? I think my situation with my job is going to work out ok too.
Are you working this week?

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