Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry, I'm not been posting much

There are some posts that I want to get done, but just haven't yet due to time and computer constraints. The Ties that Bind auction is going on. Please check it out by clicking on the button at the side. I've been meaning to blog about that with pictures and links to the auction and the blog, but since the auction site has lots of photos, it was just taking a long time to try to do it at home with dialup internet speed. I can take my laptop to work and do it there, but I've been forgetting to do it once I'm at work. Think that is because when I'm at the hospital all I can think about then is the fact that I won't be working there much longer and how sad it is that the hospital is closing down entirely. That is what I am most upset about. Moving onto another job is kind of scary(ok, for me, really scary!) but the reality of this hospital no longer being in operation is hard to grasp.

To get back to the auction topic, the awesome doll that was made and being raffled off has been photographed and will be published in a Somerset publication, I think, and also in a book that is being printed to raise more money for the worthy cause of ovarian cancer research. I will do my best to get more detailed info on here soon.

I also have some pics from last weekends showers for baby Thomas that I could post, but I've not gotten around to that either. I am definitely not in the best frame of mind these days for many reasons. Father's Day has hit me harder than I thought it would. Since Dad's disease had made him not really be there as far as his mind the last few years, I thought I had probably already dealt with the Father's Day issue, but I guess not totally so.

Will be going up to train some on my "off" days from this job at the end of this week at the new job, so I'll not have much leisure time this week. So glad we got to go camping when we did. We had tentatively planned to go this week as we would not have chickens for Kerry to look after(they are catching them today), but will have to wait for a better time. It would have been really hot anyway, I guess.

Again, my apologies for lack of posting and any pictures. I will hope that better days are ahead.


Holly said...

I am sorry Father's Day was so hard for you...I can't even imagine. I look forward to more of your work being published! I will patiently (as best as I wait for the post with pictures of the baby shower. I have yet to see any. :( I hope this transition to the new job goes smoothly. I love you very much!


Beth said...

Its been a busy time for me as my garden is really coming in right now. Mom and I have been making pickles and freezing squash and zuchini.
I know how you feel about Father's day. My Dad has been gone 22 years now and I still miss him espiecally on Father's day.
My job is still in limbo. My last day is going to be next Tuesday. I am told I will have some kind of position when I come back to work in August, I just hope I will be happy where ever they place me. Not a good feeling is it?
I hope I can see you this summer. Hoping to get down there while I am off.
Hang in there, Jilly! I am thinking about you!

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